Moss Burger × ONE PIECE “2024 Moss Fukubukuro” – Available December 29th!

One Piece

Moss Burger × ONE PIECE “2024 Moss Fukubukuro” Reservations Start at 15:00 on December 5th!

Moss Burger is set to release its “2024 Moss Fukubukuro” in collaboration with the popular anime “ONE PIECE” on December 29th in Japan. This special fukubukuro, a part of Moss Burger’s traditional New Year’s initiative since 2010, marks its 15th installment. Since 2021, the brand has also offered seasonal fukubukuro in spring and summer, which have been very popular, often selling out their pre-order stock.

Under the theme “A Treasure Box That Opens Smiles,” the collaboration with “ONE PIECE” includes items enjoyable for all ages and genders. The fukubukuro contains a large fluffy blanket, an original T-shirt, and a mini shoulder bag, along with meal vouchers worth 5,000 yen (500 yen × 10 sheets).

Pre-orders begin online at 15:00 on December 5th, and will be accepted until December 25th. This limited edition fukubukuro is priced at 5,000 yen. Its special design features the Moss Burger logo and “ONE PIECE” characters, making it particularly appealing to anime fans.

This “2024 Moss Fukubukuro” represents a unique collaboration between Japanese anime culture and fast food, making it an unmissable item for anime enthusiasts.

Moss Burger × ONE PIECE “2024 Moss Fukubukuro” Contents

Large Fluffy Blanket

A blanket with a fluffy texture and a luxurious feel, perfect as a substitute for a regular blanket. Its large size makes it user-friendly even for adults.

Original T-Shirt

A free-size T-shirt, suitable for both men and women. It features a simple design with a logo on the black fabric at the front and an illustration at the back, making it wearable by people of all ages and genders.

Mini Shoulder Bag

An ideal mini shoulder bag for carrying essentials like wallets and mobile phones, it comes with convenient front pockets. This bag’s design is versatile, suitable for all genders and ages.

Meal Vouchers Worth 5,000 Yen (500 Yen × 10 Sheets)

The “Meal Vouchers Worth 5,000 Yen” come in a booklet of 500 yen × 10 sheets.

  • Valid until the end of March 2024

What is a Fukubukuro?

A fukubukuro is a “lucky bag” sold during the New Year period, with its contents remaining a mystery until opened. These bags are filled with various items, sealed, and sold in a way that keeps the contents hidden. Fukubukuro is a part of Japanese tradition, commonly found in busy retail stores.

The origin of fukubukuro is believed to be the “Ebisu bags” sold during the Edo period. Renowned kimono stores came up with the idea of bundling leftover fabric pieces and selling them as “Ebisu bags.”

Typically released from January 1st to 3rd, some fukubukuro are available as early as December 29th to 31st. Most are sold until stocks last, but those with higher production numbers may be available until mid-January.

ONE PIECE Moss Fukubukuro Detailed Information

Pre-order period: December 5th to 25th, 2023 Release Date: December 29th, 2023 Collection Period: December 29th, 2023, to January 14th, 2024 Available at: Moss Burger stores nationwide (excluding some stores)

  • Limited quantity. Maximum of 5 bags per person.

Price: 5,000 yen

The large fluffy blanket, original T-shirt, and mini shoulder bag will be listed in our eBay store, Anime Treasures jp, as soon as they become available! Check out “ONE PIECE” at Anime Treasures jp →

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毎年人気のモスバーガーの福袋(モスの福袋2024)が今年も販売となります。2024年のモスの福袋は販売価格5000円に対して5000円のお食事補助券とワンピースグッズ(ONE PIECEグッズ)がセッ
モスバーガーとTVアニメ「ONE PIECE」がコラボした「2024 モス福袋」が12月5日より予約開始
モスフードサービスは、TVアニメ「ONE PIECE」とコラボした福袋「2024 モス福袋」の事前予約をネットにて12月5日15時より開始する。受付期間は12月25日まで、発売は12月29日を予定。価格は5,000円。
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