Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen x CASETiFY Collection Phase 2 Launches in Japan from April 30!

Discover the exclusive Jujutsu Kaisen x CASETiFY Collection Phase 2 launching first in Japan. Featuring unique smartphone cases and tech accessories inspired by the Shibuya Incident arc. Available from April 30, 2024.
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Wafer to be Released on April 29!

Get ready for the release of the "Frieren: Funeral Procession Wafer" on April 29, 2024! Dive into the world of the popular anime with beautiful collector's cards. Available for purchase at 165 yen, these wafers are a must-have for fans in Japan.

Miyazaki’s Debut Directed Anime “Future Boy Conan” Turns into Figures! “K18” and “Silver 925” Made

Discover the luxurious "Future Boy Conan" figures, crafted in K18 yellow gold and silver 925, celebrating the 45th anniversary of Miyazaki's debut anime. Limited edition collectibles now available for reservation.

Hello Kitty x MOUSSY Collaboration! Catchy Denim Bags and Sandals Launching on April 26!

Discover the exclusive Hello Kitty x MOUSSY collection featuring unique denim designs. Catch the launch of trendy bags, sandals, and more on April 26. Don’t miss out on these must-have items available only at MOUSSY and ZOZOTOWN.

“Magical Chiikawa” New Cooling Towels and Leisure Items Available Starting April 26th!

Discover the latest "Magical Chiikawa" merchandise perfect for summer, including cooling towels, blankets, and more. Exclusive sale starting April 26th at "Chiikawa Market" and "Magical Chiikawa Store" in Japan.

Kirby’s Latest Ichiban Kuji Arrives! Available April 27th

Discover Kirby's latest Ichiban Kuji, available in Japan from April 27, 2024. Explore a range of Kirby-themed prizes, including unique daily use items and a special 2WAY backpack. Available at convenience stores and select retailers.

Ichiban Kuji “NARUTO Shippuden: The Will of Fire” Rerelease on April 27!

Discover the exciting rerelease of Ichiban Kuji "NARUTO Shippuden: The Will of Fire" on April 27, 2024, featuring exclusive figures and collectibles. Secure your favorite Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi figures and more, available at various retailers in Japan.

Avail Releases “Chiikawa” Collaboration Merchandise Starting April 27!

Discover the exclusive Avail 'Chiikawa' collaboration merchandise available from April 27! Featuring bold designs and a diverse product range, perfect for fans in Japan. Online sales start April 28 at 13:00. Shop now at Avail!

Gashapon & Box Sale: “Mobile Suit Gundam MOBILE SUIT ENSEMBLE 07” to be Re-released in the Fourth Week of April!

Get ready for the exclusive re-release of "Mobile Suit Gundam MOBILE SUIT ENSEMBLE 07" in the fourth week of April 2024. Available in gashapon and box sale formats, these collectibles feature popular models like Gundam Mk-II and Geara Doga. Ideal for collectors and fans aged 15 and up. Don’t miss out on these limited edition Gundam models!

Figure-Inclusive ‘Pokemon’ Gashapon Ring Series ‘Ringcolle!’ Seventh Installment Coming Soon!

Don’t miss out on the seventh installment of the 'Ringcolle! Pokemon Ring' series, featuring unique character-designed rings stored in Pokeball-shaped capsules. Set to release in late April 2024, perfect for collectors and fans alike. Available in Japan, with potential global interest.

Limited Edition ‘Hello Kitty 50th Biscuit Tin’ Available from April 22!

Celebrate Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary with the exclusive Hello Kitty 50th Biscuit Tin, featuring unique designs and a limited edition collectible, available from April 22, 2024, at select stores and online.
One Piece

“One Piece” Great Pirate Seal Wafers Volume 9! Pre-ordering starts at 13:00 on April 19, 2024!

Celebrate 25 years of "ONE PIECE" with the launch of the exclusive Volume 9 Seal Wafers, featuring the entire Straw Hat Crew and more! Pre-order starts on April 19, 2024, at 13:00. Don’t miss out on these collectible items from Premium Bandai.

Detective Conan Sega Lucky Draw Available from April 19! Win Plushies, Bags, Acrylic Stands, and Can Badges

Exciting new Detective Conan themed lucky draw starts April 19! Win unique travel-themed plushies, bags, and more. Available while supplies last. Check it out now!
Dragon Ball

“Gashapon! Collection ‘Dragon Ball’ Series 04” to be Released in the Third Week of April!

Discover the latest release from Bandai: "Gashapon! Collection 'Dragon Ball' Series 04," debuting in the third week of April. Collect all six meticulously detailed figures, including Goku's gi and a Capsule Spaceship. Ideal for collectors and fans alike. Available in Japan for 400 yen each. Don’t miss out!

【Tamagotchi x Sanrio Characters】Pre-orders Now Available for “Tamagotchi Uni” and Hello Kitty Designed “Tamagotchi nano”

Explore the exclusive Tamagotchi and Sanrio Characters collaboration! Pre-order the new "Tamagotchi Uni" with Hello Kitty designs and enjoy innovative features with the "Tamaverse Ticket." Available in Japan now.This translation and format are designed to maintain the nuances of the original article and include detailed specifications with metric and imperial measurements for your ease of reference.

“Precure All Stars” Food Toy Jewelry Charm Set to be Released on April 15th!

Get ready for the release of the "Precure All Stars" food toy jewelry charms on April 15th! Designed with the silhouettes of beloved characters, these charms will be available in Japan for 308 yen each. Don't miss out on collecting your favorite pairs, including Cure Black and Cure White, Cure Summer and Cure Lamer, and more! Contact Anime Treasures jp for all your Precure needs.
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

New Release Alert: “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” Volume 13 Hits Shelves on April 17th!

Get ready for the latest installment of "Frieren: Beyond Journey's End"! Scheduled for release on April 17th, the eagerly awaited Volume 13 is set to continue the captivating journey. Dive into the world of Frieren and join the celebration with special events nationwide.
One Piece

One Piece Wano Country Arc Ichiban Kuji Released on April 13! Figures, Big Towels, Tumblers, and More Up for Grabs!

Unveil the latest Ichiban Kuji featuring One Piece's Wano Country arc, hitting shelves on April 13th! Dive into the lineup, including figures of Luffy, Momonosuke, and Yamato, along with themed big towels and stylish tumblers. Learn about the Double Chance Campaign for extra chances to win exclusive prizes. Available at nationwide retailers like FamilyMart and Mugiwara Store. Don't miss this chance to win coveted collectibles!
Dragon Ball

“Dragon Ball” Baby & Kids Apparel Available for Pre-order until April 14th, 11:00 PM! Cute T-shirts and Pajamas featuring the “Turtle Mark”!

Get your hands on adorable "Dragon Ball" themed baby and kids apparel! Pre-order now until April 14th, 11:00 PM JST. Don't miss out on the charming T-shirts and pajamas adorned with the iconic "Turtle Mark" design. Visit our online store for more details!

“Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins” Available for Pre-order at Major Banks Nationwide from April 15th!

The "Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins" issued by the French National Mint are now available in Japan! Featuring designs reminiscent of Hello Kitty's debut in 1974 and incorporating iconic Japanese motifs, the collection offers seven designs across six products, available in limited quantities. Prices range from 880,000 yen to 59,400 yen. Pre-order period runs from April 15th to 26th. Purchase at major banks, regional banks, and labor banks. Don't miss out!

“Sanrio Characters” Card Included Wafer Series 6 Released on April 8th!

Indulge in the latest release of "Sanrio Characters" Wafer Series 6, featuring double-sided metallic plated cards with designs from the Strawberry News and special holographic foil stamped cards. Don't miss out on the opportunity to collect these delightful treats, available at Bandai's Candy Division for ¥143 each.
Jujutsu Kaisen

Marukuji ‘Jujutsu Kaisen [Enjoy! Picnic]’ Released on April 8th!

Explore the latest installment of Marukuji featuring Jujutsu Kaisen characters enjoying a picnic! Get exclusive merchandise like acrylic dioramas, keychains, and badges online before general release. Limited time offer! Visit the link for more details.

Detective Conan Watches Available on PREMICO Online Shop from April 3rd! Models: Conan, Kid, Heiji, Haibara

Get your hands on the limited edition Detective Conan watches collaboration with Citizen's Ana-digi Temp series, featuring designs of Conan, Kid, Heiji, and Haibara. Available for purchase on PREMICO from April 3rd!

【HELLO KITTY 50TH ANNIVERSARY】Special Items Available from June! E-COMEGROUP

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of HELLO KITTY with special items from E-COMEGROUP, available from June. Check out T-shirts, canvas tote bags, shoulder bags, and pouches. Explore more at Anime Treasures jp eBay store. Contact us for inquiries.
Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Ichiban Kuji to Be Released from April 6th! Featuring Angelic Goku & King Kai Figures

Experience the excitement of the upcoming Dragon Ball Ichiban Kuji, "Tournament to the Future," hitting shelves in Japan from April 6th. Don't miss out on the chance to collect iconic characters like Perfect Cell, Trunks, and Vegeta in detailed MASTERLISE figures. Explore a range of merchandise items and seize the opportunity to win exclusive Last One prizes, including the striking angelic figures of Goku and King Kai. Learn more about the release and participating stores here.

McDonald’s Introduces “Sanrio Characters” to Happy Meal! Hello Kitty/Kuromi/Gudetama Toys!

McDonald's Japan unveils Happy Meal collaboration with popular Sanrio characters including Hello Kitty, Kuromi, and Gudetama. Check out the adorable toys releasing from April 12th!

“Precure Wafer Card 9” to be Released on April 8th! Featuring Cards of Past Precures!

Bandai will release "Precure Wafer Card 9," a popular anime-related confectionery in Japan, on April 8, 2024. This 9th installment features cards with original illustrations, including those of past Precures. The cards, made of metallic plaques, boast unique illustrations with a focus on composition and coloring. The product will be available at nationwide retailers.

“Saint Seiya” Ichiban Kuji Released Today on April 3rd! Figures and Metallic Goods Galore!

Explore the latest Saint Seiya Ichiban Kuji collection released today! Find a variety of figures and metallic-themed goods, including Gemini Saga, Pegasus Seiya, and Phoenix Ikki. Available at Lawson, bookstores, hobby shops, selected game centers, and Ichiban Kuji official shops.

“Spy Family” Ichiban Kuji Releases on April 2nd! Win Figures, Plushies, Tote Bags, and More!

Get ready for the release of "Spy Family" Ichiban Kuji on April 2nd! Win figures, plushies, tote bags, and more! Check out the exciting lineup and join the Double Chance Campaign for extra prizes!

“2024 Pokémon Bread Gift Get Campaign” Starts April 1! Win “Deco Character Seal Holder” and “Outing Satchel”.

Participate in the 2024 Pokémon Bread Gift Get Campaign starting April 1! Collect campaign seals from Pokémon bread packages for a chance to win exclusive prizes – Deco Character Seal Holders and Outing Satchels. Limited time offer, don't miss out!