‘Hello Kitty’ x ‘GU’ Collaboration Merchandise Released! Loungewear Expressing “Kitty’s Eyes Gazing into the Future” Available from January 1st!

Discover the 'Hello Kitty' x 'GU' collaboration loungewear, launching January 1st, 2024. Celebrate Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary with these special roomwear items, available in three adorable designs and colors.

New ‘Pokemon Rubik’s Cube ver.BLUE’ with 52 Pokemon Designs!

Discover the latest collectible for anime enthusiasts - 'Pokemon Rubik's Cube ver.BLUE', featuring 52 unique Pokemon designs. A must-have item for Pokemon fans and puzzle lovers, released exclusively in Japan!

Don Quijote Exclusive: Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Tracksuit Set Released!

Discover the latest Don Quijote exclusive - a Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Tracksuit Set. This special edition features unique designs and comes with an original hanger. Available in stand collar and hooded styles in three colors. Perfect for Hello Kitty and Sanrio fans!

Limited Edition 7-Inch ‘Analog Record’ of Pokémon’s First OP & ED Songs Released on 12/27

Relive the nostalgia with the exclusive 7-inch analog record of Pokémon's first opening and ending songs, released only in Japan on December 27. Featuring iconic tracks and unique collector's items, it's a must-have for Pokémon enthusiasts.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

New “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” Ichiban Kuji! PHANTOM BLOOD & BATTLE TENDENCY Available Since December 23!

Dive into the exciting world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with the latest Ichiban Kuji! Discover figures of Jonathan, Dio, Joseph, and more, plus the iconic Stone Mask in high-quality form. Available in Japan since December 23 – a must-have for every JoJo fan!

Celebrating “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM” Release with Simultaneous Launch of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED & DESTINY Special Edition” HD Remastered Blu-rays on December 22!

Mark the debut of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM" with the release of "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED & DESTINY Special Edition" HD Remastered Blu-rays. Relive the epic saga in stunning HD quality, complete with special edition compilations and exclusive bonuses.
The Apothecary Diaries

“The Apothecary Diaries” Welcomes Two New Original Merchandise to Honor TV Anime Broadcast!

Explore the latest additions to "The Apothecary Diaries" merchandise collection - a canvas art and a block calendar, celebrating the anime's TV debut. These unique items are a must-have for fans, showcasing exquisite illustrations and innovative design.

Happy Meal “Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary” Sells Out in Almost All Stores, Exceeding Expectations!

Discover the remarkable success of the McDonald's Japan Happy Meal "Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary," which sold out in record time, demonstrating the enduring charm and popularity of Hello Kitty among fans globally.

Theatrical Version “Sailor Moon Cosmos” BD & DVD Released on December 20!

Discover the exciting release of the theatrical version "Sailor Moon Cosmos" BD & DVD, featuring special contents, new songs by the Three Lights, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage. Available now for anime fans worldwide.

“SPY×FAMILY” BD & DVD Vol.1 Released on December 20th! Featuring Original Jacket Illustrations of Anya and the Eden Academy Group!

Discover the latest release of "SPY×FAMILY" BD & DVD Vol.1, launched on December 20th, featuring exclusive jacket artwork by character designer and chief animation director Kazuaki Shimada. Includes the must-have drama CD "Anya and Becky's Big Surprise Plan!"
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” × Seiko Limited Edition Collaborative Watch Released – Only 2000 Pieces Available!

Discover the exclusive "Frieren: Beyond Journey's End" × Seiko collaborative watch. Limited to just 2000 pieces, this collector's watch features iconic scenes and motifs from the popular anime, with detailed craftsmanship and a special magic book-styled box. Available now in Japan - a must-have for anime fans!

“Z Gundam” Japanese Hanten Jacket! Miyata Orimono Collaboration Hanten Released from December 16!

Discover the unique "Z Gundam" Japanese Hanten Jacket, a collaboration between Miyata Orimono and the classic anime. Released on December 16, 2023, these traditional yet modern jackets offer a perfect blend of anime style and heritage craftsmanship for fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

“Kuromi” Design Joins Sanrio’s Ultra-Compact Digital Cameras, Evoking Nostalgia of Classic “Shashin”

Discover the latest in ultra-compact digital cameras featuring beloved Sanrio characters My Melody and Kuromi. Perfect for anime fans, these cameras blend nostalgia with modern functionality, capturing moments in photos, videos, and audio.
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

“Celebrate the Release of ‘Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End’ Volume 12 with a Magical Character Card Bookstore Fair!”

"Join the celebration of 'Frieren: Beyond Journey's End' Volume 12's release with a special bookstore fair in Japan. Collect limited edition magical character cards with cast voices, available while supplies last. A must-have for fans of the popular fantasy manga!"

“Crayon Shin-chan” New Ichiban Kuji Released Today (12/16)!

Discover the latest Ichiban Kuji featuring "Crayon Shin-chan"! Launched on December 16, 2023, this special edition lottery includes exclusive anime merchandise, perfect for collectors and fans worldwide. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of this beloved anime series.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders’ Apparel Items Released at Shimamura on December 16!

Discover the exclusive 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders' apparel collection, launched at Shimamura on December 16, 2023. Immerse yourself in the world of Jotaro Kujo and DIO with these uniquely designed items, perfect for fans of the iconic series.

SPY×FAMILY Lloyd, Anya, and Yor Inspired Leather Wallets Now Available!

Discover the newly released 'SPY×FAMILY' themed bridle leather wallets inspired by beloved characters Lloyd, Anya, and Yor. Available now in Japan, these wallets blend durability and design, perfect for anime enthusiasts.
Frieren: Beyond Journey's End

“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” OP Theme “Yuusha” CD Released on December 13th!

Dive into the world of YOASOBI's "Yuusha," the opening theme for the acclaimed anime "Frieren: Beyond Journey's End." This limited edition CD, released on December 13th, includes an original novel and exclusive artwork, making it a treasured addition for fans of anime and music.

Tiffany x Pokémon Collab: Exclusive 4.73 Million Yen “Pikachu” Jewelry Available from November 20

Discover the exclusive Tiffany x Pokémon collaboration, featuring a luxurious "Pikachu" jewelry collection, including a 4.73 million yen 18K gold necklace, available from November 20 at Tiffany Omotesando, Japan. Limited pieces, inspired by iconic Pokémon characters, embody contemporary art and pop culture.

“SPY×FAMILY ANIMATION ART BOOK” Now Available for Purchase Since December 8th!!

Dive into the world of "SPY×FAMILY" with the newly released "SPY×FAMILY ANIMATION ART BOOK." Discover the detailed art and behind-the-scenes content, now available for fans worldwide. Grab your copy today!
Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan” Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Exclusive Merchandise – Orders Start November 29!

Mark the 10th anniversary of "Attack on Titan" with exclusive merchandise available for order from November 29. Featuring original illustrations of Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and more in a unique postal theme. A must-have for fans, these collectibles celebrate a decade of this epic anime series.

Enjoy with Sanrio Characters! “Sanrio characters KAWAII Encyclopedia” Series of 3 Books Released Simultaneously!

Discover the charm of Sanrio characters through the "Sanrio characters KAWAII Encyclopedia" series. Featuring Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and Kuromi in three delightful books about gems, sweets, and fashion, perfect for children and collectors alike.
Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza Figure: Reservations Start December 8th at 13:00!

Unveiling the limited edition Dragon Ball Super Golden Frieza figure, a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Reservations open December 8th. A must-have for Dragon Ball enthusiasts. Discover the details and secure your piece of anime history!
One Piece

“One Piece Fruit: The 15th Naval Battle” Releasing in December 2023 – Win a “Golden One Piece Fruit Capsule” in Our Campaign!

Discover the latest release in the "One Piece Fruit" series - "The 15th Naval Battle," coming this December 2023. Be part of our unique campaign to win a "Golden One Piece Fruit Capsule" and celebrate the 2nd anniversary of this beloved series. Perfect for collectors and fans alike!
One Piece

Moss Burger × ONE PIECE “2024 Moss Fukubukuro” – Available December 29th!

Discover the "2024 Moss Fukubukuro," a special New Year's lucky bag by Moss Burger in collaboration with "ONE PIECE." Featuring exclusive merchandise and meal vouchers, it's a delightful blend of Japanese fast food and anime culture. Available from December 29th, this limited edition bag is a must-have for fans and collectors.
Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen” × Samantha Vega Collaboration Items Now on Sale!

A special collaboration between the popular anime "Jujutsu Kaisen," serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump, and Samantha Vega. Limited edition bags, wallets, and charms, all featuring character motifs, go on sale starting November 27! More details here.
One Piece

One Piece Ichiban Kuji EX: Loyalty to Thunder Available Since December 2nd!

A must-see for 'One Piece' fans! The One Piece Ichiban Kuji EX: Loyalty to Thunder has been available in Japan since December 2nd. Featuring figures of the young Kaido, King, Jack, and other items. Discover details of the Double Chance
Dragon Ball

“Dragon Ball” Ichiban Kuji “SUPER DRAGONBALL HEROES 5th MISSION” Launching on December 16th!

Discover all the details of the 'Dragon Ball Ichiban Kuji SUPER DRAGONBALL HEROES 5th MISSION', launching in Japan on December 16th! Explore the full range of figures and goods included in the latest Ichiban Kuji, along with information on the exciting Double Chance Campaign.
Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball Super Warrior Seal Wafers Ultra – Invincible Teamwork – On Sale from November 6th!

The 'Dragon Ball Super Warrior Seal Wafers Ultra - Invincible Teamwork' started selling from November 6, 2023. Don't miss the 34 types of stickers, including Evolution God Rare and 'CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA' stickers!
Dragon Ball

Ichiban Kuji “Dragon Ball VS Omnibus BRAVE” Now on Sale from October 27th!

The latest Ichiban Kuji "Dragon Ball VS Omnibus BRAVE," featuring dynamic figures like Orange Piccolo and Son Gohan Beast, started selling on October 27, 2023. This lineup, including the new Big Metallic Sheet, is a must-see for all Dragon Ball fans!