“Crayon Shin-chan” New Ichiban Kuji Released Today (12/16)!


Ichiban Kuji Crayon Shin-chan My Memories Collection Now Available!

The new Ichiban Kuji for the hugely popular anime in Japan, “Crayon Shin-chan”, was released on December 16, 2023. Titled “Crayon Shin-chan My Memories Collection”, this lottery is themed around Shin-chan’s memories. Priced at 680 yen per draw (including tax), it is available at Lawson stores nationwide, select bookstores, hobby shops, game centers, Ichiban Kuji official shops, and Ichiban Kuji ONLINE.

The prizes include an acrylic photo stand with Shin-chan and Himawari (Prize A), as well as other adorable goods like plush toys and pouches. Prizes range from A to F, and there is also a special Last One Prize. Sales outlets include Don Quijote, Village Vanguard, electronics retail stores, select game centers, and more.

This Ichiban Kuji is attracting attention not just from Shin-chan fans but also anime merchandise collectors. These limited-edition goods released in Japan are also appealing items for anime fans abroad.

What is Ichiban Kuji?

In 2003, Banpresto released “Pokémon Ichiban Kuji” at 7-Eleven, and since then, has developed lotteries for a variety of anime and game series, including Gundam and Pokémon. As of April 1, 2018, following the reorganization of the Bandai Namco Group, the business was transferred to BANDAI SPIRITS, and the blue Bandai logo has been used for Ichiban Kuji products since then. The name and logotype of “Ichiban Kuji” are registered trademarks of BANDAI SPIRITS.

Competing services in this market include Taito’s “Taito Kuji Honpo” and Sanrio’s “Sanrio Atarikuji”. For “Sumikko Gurashi” related products, as San-X, the rights holder, also develops “Sumikko Kuji” in stationery and novelty stores, Ichiban Kuji strategically focuses on convenience stores to avoid direct competition.

The lottery targets mainly Japanese anime and game properties, but also includes Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Marvel, fancy characters like Rilakkuma and Kapibara-san, and even live-action movie properties like “Odoru Daisousasen” (Bayside Shakedown).

A special prize, the “Last One Prize”, is reserved for the person who draws the last ticket. Additionally, various spin-off brands like “Ichiban Kuji Premium” and “Ichiban Kuji V” exist.

Ichiban Kuji Crayon Shin-chan My Memories Collection Prize Lineup

Prize A: Shin-chan and Himawari Figure with Photo Stand

  • Single type
  • Size: Approximately 8.66 inches

Prize B: Cotetto Plush Toy

  • Three types
  • Sizes:
    • Shin-chan: Approximately 5.91 inches
    • Shiro: Approximately 5.12 inches
    • BABY Shin-chan: Approximately 4.72 inches

Prize C: Fluffy Pouch

  • Two types
  • Size: Approximately 7.09 inches

Prize D: Choose Your Stationery

  • Six types
  • Sizes:
    • Clear File: A4
    • Stickers: Approximately 5.51 inches
    • Ring Notebook: B6
    • Die-cut Memo: Approximately 3.54 inches

Prize E: Favorite Towel

  • Six types
  • Size: Approximately 9.84 inches

Prize F: Rubber Coaster/Charm

  • Ten types
  • Sizes:
    • Rubber Coaster: Approximately 3.15 inches
    • Rubber Charm: Approximately 2.36 inches

Last One Prize: Shiro’s Fluffy Blanket

  • Size: Approximately 35.43 inches

Product Details for Ichiban Kuji Crayon Shin-chan My Memories Collection

  • Product Name: Ichiban Kuji Crayon Shin-chan My Memories Collection
  • Release Date: From December 16, 2023
  • Price: 680 yen per draw [Tax included]
  • Available at: Bookstores, hobby shops, select game centers, Ichiban Kuji official shops, Ichiban Kuji ONLINE, etc.
  • Double Chance Campaign Period: From the release date to the end of March 2024

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