“Ichiban Kuji Animal Crossing” Available from March 26th!


Overview of “Ichiban Kuji Animal Crossing”

Set to be released in Japan on March 26, 2024, “Ichiban Kuji Animal Crossing – Enjoy Island Life to the Fullest!” is the third installment themed around the Nintendo Switch game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” It features a range of items perfect for immersing oneself in island living, including Isabelle’s alarm clock and a Café Lloid apron, all available for 700 yen (tax included) per draw.

Content of “Ichiban Kuji Animal Crossing”

The prize lineup for “Ichiban Kuji Animal Crossing – Enjoy Island Life to the Fullest!” is diverse. The A prize is the “Radio Exercise! Isabelle’s Alarm Clock,” perfect for starting the day with energetic morning tunes. The B prize offers a chance to feel like a café owner with the “Café Lloid Apron.” Additionally, there are C and D prizes featuring cooking and island-themed bags respectively. Other prizes include dish assortments, clear bottles, stickers, and stationery assortments.

A Prize: Radio Exercise! Isabelle’s Alarm Clock

At the set time, wake up to energizing exercise music from the radio! Start your day with Isabelle’s cheerful company!

  • Size: Approximately 13cm

B Prize: Café Lloid Apron

Feel like a café master with this apron. Perfect for brewing delicious coffee!

  • Size: Approximately 75cm

C Prize: DIY Cooking! Plate

Perfect for beautifully plating any dish! A convenient-sized deep plate.

  • Size: Approximately 19cm

D Prize: Island Outing Paper Bag-style Bag & Drawstring Bag Assortment

Enjoy everyday island life with these versatile pouch assortments! Choose from various sizes and purposes.

  • 4 variations
  • Size: Approximately 19-20cm

E Prize: Enjoy Eating! Dish Assortment

Choose your favorite design from an assortment of dishes! Perfect for serving meals or fruits.

  • 4 variations
  • Size: Approximately 12-13cm

F Prize: Beachside Clear Bottle

Reminiscent of the seaside with Kapp’n, Johnny, and DJ K.K.! Choose from three designs suitable for outings or relaxation at home.

  • 3 variations
  • Size: 350ml

G Prize: Various Island Pleasures Sticker

Multi-purpose stickers for notebooks, message cards, etc. The package bag can also be used as a zipper bag!

  • 5 variations
  • Size: Approximately 15cm

H Prize: Everyday Useful Island Stationery Assortment

Mini-notebooks with versatile designs for recording island memories or scheduling. The memo pad features recipe-like designs for DIY or cooking!

  • 4 variations
  • Sizes:
  • Notebook: Approximately 14.5cm
  • Memo Pad: A6

Last One Prize: Radio Exercise! Tsubukichi & Mamekichi’s Alarm Clock

Wake up to energizing exercise music with Tsubukichi & Mamekichi! Let’s move our bodies together!

  • Size: Approximately 14cm

The last one drawn gets it!
*Please check with stores for remaining lottery numbers.
*At Nintendo TOKYO, Nintendo OSAKA, and Nintendo KYOTO, the Last One Prize will be operated as a “Special Prize” rather than the “Last One Prize.”

What is Ichiban Kuji’s Last One Prize?

A special prize awarded to the last person drawing a ticket. As the top prizes are drawn, the remaining tickets decrease, ensuring a sell-out with an exciting last prize.

Double Chance Campaign: Take a Break Café Lloid Coffee/Tea Server

A coffee/tea server with the Café Lloid logo. Comes with a tea strainer, perfect for both coffee and tea brewing.

  • Number of Winners: 50
  • 1 variation
  • Size: Approximately 15cm

What is Ichiban Kuji’s Double Chance Campaign?

Upon purchasing a ticket and receiving a prize, the stub is returned. Enter the campaign number on the stub on the official website or LINE official account to participate in the “Double Chance Campaign.” Prizes include top prizes like the Last One, A Prize, or B Prize.

Sales Information for “Ichiban Kuji Animal Crossing”

“Ichiban Kuji Animal Crossing – Enjoy Island Life to the Fullest!”

  • Release Date: Scheduled for March 26, 2024 (Tuesday) onwards
    *Release timing may vary by store. Some stores may start sales from March 27th (Wednesday) or 28th (Thursday).
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 700 yen per draw (including 10% tax)
  • Available at: Seven-Eleven stores, Ito-Yokado stores, Nintendo TOKYO, Nintendo OSAKA, Nintendo KYOTO, etc.
  • Double Chance Campaign Period: From the release date to the end of June 2024

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『あつ森』新作一番くじに島民気分な新生活を満喫できるアイテムがズラリ!しずえのアラーム時計やベル袋、喫茶ハトの巣エプロンなどがラインナップ | インサイド
「一番くじ あつまれ どうぶつの森~とことん満喫!島民気分な新生活~」が3月26日より発売!価格は1回700円(税込)です。
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