Ichiban Kuji Evangelion ~Apostle, Invasion!~ On Sale Starting June 7


Overview of Ichiban Kuji Evangelion ~Apostle, Invasion!~

The official site of Bandai Spirits Lottery Innovation Division, “Ichiban Kuji Club,” has released the full lineup of prizes for “Ichiban Kuji Evangelion ~Apostle, Invasion!~.” This Ichiban Kuji will be available in Japan starting on Friday, June 7, 2024. The “MEGAIMPACT” series features the chance to win figures of Evangelion Unit-02 and the 9th Apostle. The lineup also includes visual stands of Asuka Langley Soryu, Rei Ayanami, and Kaworu Nagisa with original illustrations created specifically for Ichiban Kuji. Additionally, there are “Chokonokko” figures and canvas boards among the various prizes. The Last One Prize is a figure of short-haired Asuka from ‘EVANGELION:3.0(-46h).’ This Ichiban Kuji is a must-have for fans in Japan.

Contents of Ichiban Kuji Evangelion ~Apostle, Invasion!~

Prize A: Evangelion Unit-02 Figure

Debuting in the “MEGAIMPACT” series is “Evangelion Unit-02”! This figure stands approximately 29cm (11.4 inches) tall with a commanding presence and features a poised stance with the “Palette Rifle” characteristic of Unit-02.

  • 1 type
  • Size: approx. 29cm (11.4 inches)

Prize B: 9th Apostle Figure

Also making its debut in the “MEGAIMPACT” series is the “9th Apostle”! This figure is approximately 12cm (4.7 inches) tall and depicts a dramatic pose with extended arms from both shoulders, capturing a moment of imminent attack.

  • 1 type
  • Size: approx. 12cm (4.7 inches)

Prize C: Asuka Langley Soryu Visual Stand

An original illustration for Ichiban Kuji! This visual stand combines “Asuka Langley Soryu” with the diving “Evangelion Unit-02.”

  • 1 type
  • Size: approx. 17cm (6.7 inches)

Prize D: Rei Ayanami Visual Stand

An original illustration for Ichiban Kuji! This visual stand combines “Rei Ayanami” with the “Evangelion Unit-00” holding a shield.

  • 1 type
  • Size: approx. 17cm (6.7 inches)

Prize E: Kaworu Nagisa Visual Stand

An original illustration for Ichiban Kuji! This visual stand combines “Kaworu Nagisa” standing with the moon as a backdrop and “Evangelion Mark.06.”

  • 1 type
  • Size: approx. 18cm (7.1 inches)

Prize F: Chokonokko Figures

Introducing “Chokonokko” figures to the “Evangelion” series for the first time! The lineup includes cute, sitting figures of “Asuka Langley Soryu,” “Rei Ayanami,” and “Kaworu Nagisa” in plug suits.

  • 3 types
  • Size: approx. 4.5cm (1.8 inches)

Prize G: Canvas Boards

Original illustrations for Ichiban Kuji! These mini canvas boards feature watercolor-style visuals and high collectability.

  • 8 types
  • Size: approx. 10cm (3.9 inches)

Prize H: Clear File & Sticker Set

Original illustrations for Ichiban Kuji! This set includes stylish, practical clear files and stickers designed with motifs and units associated with each character.

  • 10 types
  • Size: Clear file A4, Stickers approx. 6-8cm (2.4-3.1 inches, 2 pieces)

Prize I: Rubber Coasters

Practical rubber coasters featuring 4 “Units” and 4 “Characters” from Evangelion. The “Unit” coasters can be connected and used together.

  • 8 types
  • Size: approx. 10cm (3.9 inches)

Last One Prize: Asuka Langley Soryu Figure

The fastest release of short-haired “Asuka” from ‘EVANGELION:3.0(-46h)’! This figure stands approximately 21cm (8.3 inches) tall with a cool and stylish pose, featuring eyes peeking out from raised bandages.

  • Size: approx. 21cm (8.3 inches)

What is Ichiban Kuji’s Last One Prize?

A prize awarded with the last ticket drawn. As many people aim for the top prizes in Ichiban Kuji, the remaining tickets decrease. To ensure a sell-out, the last exciting prize is offered as the Last One.

Sales Information for Ichiban Kuji Evangelion ~Apostle, Invasion!~

  • Released by: Bandai Spirits
  • Price: ¥750 per draw (tax included)
  • Scheduled release: Starting Friday, June 7, 2024
  • Available at: 7-Eleven stores, Ito-Yokado stores, Yume Town stores, EVANGELION STORE, etc.

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