World’s Largest Trading Card Store Opens in Shizuoka City on March 22! Suruga-ya Stocks Over 10 Million Items Including “Pokemon” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!”

Overview of World’s Largest Trading Card Store Opening in Shizuoka City

On the 22nd, a trading card store of unprecedented scale will open at Suruga-ya Main Store, which has been operating since October 2023 on the site of Shizuoka Marui in the center of Shizuoka City. Intensive preparations are underway ahead of the opening.

Contents of World’s Largest Trading Card Store Opening in Shizuoka City

Products Previously Available Only Through Online Shopping Now Available In-Store

Suruga-ya Main Store, opened in October 2023, boasts a sales floor area of approximately 5,000 square meters, making it one of the largest hobby shops in Japan. Offering a rich variety of products including nostalgic video games and popular anime figures, the store was bustling with customers on March 20th.

Preparations are underway for the trading card store on the 4th floor, scheduled to open on March 22nd. Employees are busy preparing cards for sale.

According to Suruga-ya, the store boasts one of the largest selections globally, storing over 10 million cards including popular titles such as “Pokemon” and “Yu-Gi-Oh!” in both the store and warehouse on the 4th floor, available for immediate purchase.

Statement from Deputy Store Manager Tsukiji Tsubasa:
“We have consolidated all inventory from our managed warehouses to this building. Our concept is to offer products that were previously only available through online shopping for purchase in this building.”

Space for 188 Players Also Available

In addition to card sales, space for 188 players has been set up, with plans to also offer board game rentals.

Statement from Deputy Store Manager Tsukiji Tsubasa:
“We have created an environment where customers can drop by after work or with friends and enjoy themselves. We aim to create a theme park-like atmosphere where various customers can be satisfied.”

Meanwhile, theft cases, such as the theft of cards worth ¥4.98 million in Tokyo, have been occurring nationwide. In July 2023, over 100 Pokemon cards were stolen from Suruga-ya Fujieda Store in Fujieda City.

In response to these incidents, the store has implemented security measures such as installing security cameras and having staff patrol the premises. Additionally, all showcases have been equipped with locks and alarms that sound if forced open.

Statement from Deputy Store Manager Tsukiji Tsubasa:
“Our goal is to attract customers from various regions, and in doing so, contribute to the revitalization of Shizuoka.”

The 4th floor trading card store at Suruga-ya Main Store, set to become the world’s largest, is scheduled to open on March 22nd.

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