Release of Pokémon Choco Egg on March 18! Find Figures of Nyao-ha, Hogēta, Kwass, and More Inside!


Overview of Pokémon’s “Choco Egg”

The popular anime series “Pokémon” in Japan brings you the toy-filled candy, “Choco Egg (Pokémon)”, launching on March 18!

Inside the egg-shaped chocolate, you will find a capsule. Opening it reveals a buildable Pokémon figure. This series focuses on Pokémon native to the Paldea region from “Pocket Monsters”, creating a lineup that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Get your favorite Pokémon and create your very own Pokémon Pokédex!

Contents of Pokémon’s “Choco Egg”

All 18 Types of Items + Secret

  1. Pikachu
  2. Satoshi
  3. Go
  4. Bivanny
  5. Sarunori
  6. Messon
  7. Bimenka
  8. Wooloo
  9. Mahoippu
  10. Wanpachi
  11. Morpeko
  12. Morpeko
  13. Ponyta
  14. Barrierd
  15. Kairyu
  16. Gengar
  17. Lucario
  18. Negiganaito
  19. Secret

Sales of Pokémon’s “Choco Egg”

Retail Price: 200 Yen (Tax Included: 220 Yen) Manufacturer: Furuta Confectionery Character: Pocket Monsters Series: Choco Egg JAN Code: 4902501209769 Release Date: 2020/10/19

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