Avail Releases “Chiikawa” Collaboration Merchandise Starting April 27!


Overview of Avail “Chiikawa” Collaboration Goods

Within Japan, the Shimamura Group’s “Avail” stores are set to release merchandise collaborating with the popular character “Chiikawa.” This new collection will start being sold in stores from April 27, with prices beginning at ¥350. The lineup includes summer-appropriate room wear, caps, and headbands among various other items.

Key highlights include boldly designed T-shirts featuring Chiikawa, Hachiware, and Usagi, and half-zip pullovers with motifs of Momonga, Kurimanju, and Kani. Additionally, the range includes smartphone shoulder bags, gadget cases, storage boxes, aprons, and arm covers. These items are scheduled to be available online from April 28 at 13:00.

Contents of Avail “Chiikawa” Collaboration Goods

Avail “Chiikawa” Collaboration Merchandise Sales

The online store will start selling these items on April 28 (Sunday) at 13:00.

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アベイル、「ちいかわ」コラボグッズを4月27日より発売 Tシャツやスマホショルダー、アームカバーなどが登場
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