Happy Kuji “Sanrio characters HANABI 2024” Coming on June 14th!


Overview of Happy Kuji “Sanrio characters HANABI 2024”

Sanrio Co., Ltd. will release a new Happy Kuji, themed around “fireworks,” called “Sanrio characters HANABI 2024” starting June 14th. This Happy Kuji will be available in limited quantities at FamilyMart, Lawson, Don Quijote, and other stores, priced at ¥790 per draw. In Japan, you can get summer-themed items such as figurines and drawstring bags featuring Sanrio characters enjoying fireworks.

Contents of Happy Kuji “Sanrio characters HANABI 2024”

The theme for this release is the quintessential summer spectacle, “fireworks.” The characters are dressed in summer attire incorporating elements of yukata, depicting a magical world where fireworks light up the night sky. The character lineup includes Little Twin Stars and Cinnamoroll, which are highly compatible with the “sky” theme, and new to the Happy Kuji, Usahana. These characters were selected based on the results of the popular “Sanrio Character Awards” and a Happy Kuji purchaser survey, comprising a total of 10 characters.

Additionally, the LAST prize features a plush of Little Twin Stars, making it a must-have item for fans. This product allows you to fully enjoy the summer charm of Sanrio characters in Japan.

Figure Prize (10 types): Height 4.5cm~8cm (1.8in~3.1in)

Plush Charm Prize (7 types): Height 10cm~16cm (3.9in~6.3in)

Drawstring Bag Prize (5 types): H40cm×W30cm (15.7in×11.8in) (excluding handle)

Clear Pouch Prize (8 types): Within 11cm square (4.3in)

Compact Mirror Prize (8 types): Diameter 7cm (2.8in)

Glitter Acrylic Charm Prize (8 types): Height 5cm~6cm (2.0in~2.4in)

Die-cut Sticker Prize (8 types): Within W6×H9cm (2.4in×3.5in) (3 pieces set, blind packaging)

LAST Prize: Little Twin Stars BIG Plush Size (approx.): Height 27cm (10.6in)

Happy Challenge: Little Twin Stars BIG Plush Total of 10

Sales Information for Happy Kuji “Sanrio characters HANABI 2024”

Happy Kuji “Sanrio characters HANABI 2024”

  • Release Date: Scheduled for gradual release starting Friday, June 14, 2024!
  • Price: ¥790 per draw (tax included)
  • Sales Locations: FamilyMart, Lawson, Don Quijote, Ito-Yokado, Book Off, WonderGOO, GEO, Surugaya, Tamakodo, NewDays, TSUTAYA, some Sanrio shops, other hobby shops, bookstores, etc.

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