Sweet Jam-Covered ‘Sanrio Characters’ Gacha Figures Set for Early February Release!


Overview of the ‘Sanrio Characters’ Gacha Figures

From Japan, the latest anime-related news! Takara Tomy Arts is planning to release a new gacha item, ‘Sanrio Characters Jam Jelly Figures,’ in early February. Available for 400 yen per play, this product features popular Sanrio characters enveloped in sweet jam designs. The jam, made of clear parts, is applied all around the figure, making it enjoyable from every angle.

The lineup includes four types: ‘Hello Kitty’, ‘Pompompurin’, ‘Pochacco’, and ‘Cinnamoroll’. Each figure is sizeably about 50mm (approximately 1.97 inches) in height. Ahead of the domestic release in Japan, anime fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating this unique collector’s item.

What is Gacha Figure?

Gacha Figure is a capsule toy figure series created by Takara Tomy Arts with original designs. The gacha system, introduced in Japan by Penny Shokai (now Penny Co., Ltd.) on February 17, 1965, allows toys to be purchased through a random selection process and is also known as a capsule toy.

Currently, gacha machines release over 60 new titles and about 300 new products every month. Of these, more than 70% are related to anime, manga, superhero series, movies, etc., with the remainder being original products. This unique Japanese culture is beloved by fans worldwide and is popular as collector’s items.

Introducing All 4 Types of ‘Sanrio Characters’ Gacha Figures!

Hello Kitty




Sales Details of All 4 Types of ‘Sanrio Characters’ Gacha Figures

  • Sanrio Characters Jam Jelly Figure
  • Capsule Product
  • 4 Types in Total
  • Total Length: About 5cm (approximately 1.97 inches)
  • Manufacturer: Takara Tomy Arts
  • Price: 400 yen per play (tax included)
  • Scheduled for release in early February 2024

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