“Z Gundam” Japanese Hanten Jacket! Miyata Orimono Collaboration Hanten Released from December 16!


“Z Gundam” Japanese Hanten Jacket! Collaboration with the Traditional Manufacturer, Miyata Orimono

A new apparel product from the collaboration between “Mobile Suit Z Gundam” and the traditional manufacturer “Miyata Orimono” has been released in Japan on December 16, 2023. This collaboration is carried out through the official Gundam apparel shop “STRICT-G”. Miyata Orimono, established in 1913, has utilized its long history and tradition to create a “wata-ire hanten (padded half-coat)” reflecting the world of the anime “Mobile Suit Z Gundam”.

“Z Gundam” Japanese Hanten Jacket! Featuring Brush-Painted Z Gundam, Qubeley, and Hyaku Shiki on the Back

In Japan, the collaboration product between “Mobile Suit Z Gundam” and the traditional textile manufacturer “Miyata Orimono” was released on December 16, 2023, by Bandai’s fashion brand division. This product is available at the apparel shop “STRICT-G”.

The product is a fitted type wata-ire hanten with cut sleeves, available in two sizes: M and XL. In terms of design, markings and emblems are printed on the front, and the Z Gundam, Qubeley, and Hyaku Shiki are depicted in a brush-painted style on the back.

Miyata Orimono, located in Chikugo City, Fukuoka Prefecture, has been producing cotton-padded hanten for many years. This collaboration revisited the traditional cotton-padded hanten design and created a modern, fitted model. The material used is a soft, knotted fabric named “Nagomi,” and each piece is carefully handcrafted in Japan.

This special item is a modern reinterpretation of traditional Japanese cold-weather clothing and is an attractive collection for fans of “Z Gundam.” Its design brings everyday happiness and warms both the heart and body. There are also long-length variations available to suit different preferences.

“Z Gundam” Japanese Hanten Jacket! Product Introduction

  • Product Name: STRICT-G JAPAN Miyata Orimono “Mobile Suit Z Gundam” Hanten
  • Variants:
    • Z Gundam Pattern (Navy)
    • Qubeley (Purple)
    • Hyaku Shiki (Green)
  • Product Sizes: M, XL
  • Price (M): 21,450 yen (tax included, shipping and handling extra)
  • Price (XL): 22,550 yen (tax included, shipping and handling extra)
  • Product Material: Outer: 100% cotton, Lining: 100% cotton, Padding: 80% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Designs featuring Z Gundam, Qubeley, and Hyaku Shiki
  • Model Wearing Size: XL Size

What is Hanten?

Hanten (half-coat) is a type of Japanese clothing widely worn by the common people during the Edo period, primarily used as cold-weather clothing. This traditional Japanese garment is still popular today for its unique shape and functionality, both for work and as cold-weather clothing.

A characteristic feature of hanten is its half-length sleeves, leading to the name “hanten.” Unlike regular haori, hanten do not have turned collars, instead featuring black shusu or Kurohachijo style collars. They also lack the front tying strings. The sleeve style is either tubular or tapered, with a length up to the waist.

Hanten’s primary function is as workwear and cold-weather clothing. For cold weather, cotton-filled hanten are used, including types like “Nenneko Hanten” that can be worn while carrying a child and “Kamenoko Hanten” for children. When worn, they do not use chest strings and are worn without folding the collar.

Hanten hold a special place in contemporary Japanese culture due to their practicality and traditional charm.

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