“Kuromi” Design Joins Sanrio’s Ultra-Compact Digital Cameras, Evoking Nostalgia of Classic “Shashin”


New My Melody and Kuromi Models Join the Ultra-Compact Toy Digital Camera Lineup Featuring Sanrio Characters!

On December 15th, Kenko Tokina released the “Sanrio Character Toy Camera My Melody & Kuromi” models in Japan. These ultra-compact toy digital cameras, featuring popular Sanrio characters My Melody and Kuromi, hold a special appeal for fans. Though the price is open, they are available at Kenko Tokina’s online shop for 6,580 yen (tax included). Combining the allure of anime merchandise with practical digital camera functionality, they make for attractive products for anime fans in Japan.

Ultra-Compact Digital Cameras with Sanrio Characters Capture Photos, Videos, and Audio

Kenko Tokina’s ultra-compact toy digital camera series, “Pieni,” is popular for its Sanrio character designs. Recently, two new models featuring “My Melody” and “Kuromi” were added. This expansion brings the total lineup to six models, including existing ones like “Hello Kitty,” “Cinnamoroll,” “Pompompurin,” and “Pochacco.”

Each camera features a character illustration on the front, with different image colors for each character. Functionally, they support photography, video with audio, and audio-only recording. The included neck strap and built-in magnet make carrying and mounting easy, and they can be connected to a PC via a USB cable for data transfer and charging.

Their classic camera design allows them to be worn as accessories, and they can also serve as decorative pieces in a room when not in use, making them ideal for gifts. Their blend of practicality and design makes them appealing to anime fans in Japan.

What are the Features and Price of the Ultra-Compact Digital Cameras with Sanrio Characters?

Kenko Tokina’s ultra-compact toy digital camera series, “Pieni,” has garnered attention for its compact design and high functionality. The “My Melody” and “Kuromi” Sanrio character models were added on December 15, 2023, bringing the total lineup to six models.

These cameras measure about 2.01 x 1.42 x 0.71 inches and weigh approximately 18g, featuring a super-compact, lightweight design. They do not have rear monitors or viewfinders but are equipped with a 1.31-megapixel 1/10-inch CMOS sensor, supporting still images (1,280 x 1,024 pixels), video (720 x 480 pixels at 30fps), and audio recording. They support microSD cards up to 32GB.

Powered by a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, they can be charged and transfer data via the included USB cable. The body incorporates a magnet, allowing for attachment to steel surfaces. Accessories include a neck strap, USB cable (Type-A to miniUSB), and a user manual.

These cameras are not only wearable accessories but also recommendable as room decor or gifts. The price in Japan is open, with Kenko Tokina’s online shop offering them for 6,580 yen. These cameras, with their size and functionality, are attractive to anime fans in Japan and are likely to intrigue anime enthusiasts in the English-speaking world.

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