One Piece” Ichiban Kuji “Beasts Pirates – Tobi Roppo” – Stunning Figures Now Available

One Piece

Starting November 2nd, 2023, the “One Piece” popular character group ‘Beasts Pirates – Tobi Roppo’ themed Ichiban Kuji is on sale. This series includes figures reproducing the Tobi Roppo’s assembly scene and introduces the new deformed figure series ‘Tamashii Goushi Zou – Giya.’ These items are available exclusively at Ichiban Kuji official shops in Japan and cannot be shipped overseas.

A Prize: Ulti Figure (1 type)

The Ulti figure, approximately 4.3 inches tall, is now part of the Ichiban Kuji collection.

B Prize: Page One Figure (1 type)

The Page One figure, about 4.3 inches in height, joins the collection.

C Prize: X-Drake Figure (1 type)

Approximately 4.7 inches tall, the X-Drake figure makes its appearance as part of the Tobi Roppo.

D Prize: Sasaki Figure (1 type)

Sasaki, around 4.3 inches tall, adds to the dynamic assembly scene.

E Prize: Who’s Who Figure (1 type)

The Who’s Who figure, standing about 4.7 inches tall, is now available.

F Prize: Black Maria Figure (1 type)

Black Maria, impressively sized at approximately 7 inches, brings grandeur to the collection.

G Prize: Tamashii Goushi Zou – Giya (Choose from 9 types)

The ‘Tamashii Goushi Zou – Giya’ series offers around 3.1 to 3.9 inches tall figures with striking designs.

The Double Chance Campaign features a total of 30 Ulti figures, each about 4.3 inches tall.

Product Details

Product Name: One Piece Ichiban Kuji Beasts Pirates – Tobi Roppo Release Date: Sequentially from November 2nd, 2023 Price: 3,000 yen per attempt (tax included) Availability: Only at Ichiban Kuji official shops in Japan Manufacturer: BANDAI SPIRITS

About Ichiban Kuji

Started by Banpresto in 2003 and later transferred to BANDAI SPIRITS, the Ichiban Kuji lottery features a wide range of products, mainly from Japanese anime and games. It also includes Disney-related items, fancy characters, and even live-action movie merchandise.

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