New Year’s Pokémon Ornament ‘Edo Kimekomi Doll Dratini’ Now on Sale! A Fusion of Traditional Craft and Pokémon


Pokémon Traditional Craftwork “Edo Kimekomi Doll Dratini” Now Available for New Year Decorations

Mataro Doll released the Pokémon series “Edo Kimekomi Doll Dratini” on October 24, 2023. Priced at 17,600 yen (tax included), the set includes a stand, folding screen, and a nameplate​​.

Pokémon Edo Kimekomi Dolls – This Year Features Dratini as a Traditional Craft

Kimekomi dolls are traditional Japanese dolls made from a type of clay called “Touso,” onto which clothes and patterns are carved by hand and then fabric is inserted using tools like awls. Mataro Doll has previously released Pikachu and Buneary in this style, and this year, they took on the challenge of creating Dratini. The “Edo Kimekomi Doll Dratini” is crafted by artisans using traditional techniques to perfectly blend the gentle ambiance of the Kimekomi dolls with the characteristics of Dratini. It’s designed to be displayed not only as New Year decorations but throughout the year​​.

Edo Kimekomi Doll Dratini Price (in JPY) and Size

The size of the “Edo Kimekomi Doll Dratini” when displayed is approximately 5.9×4.7×6.2 inches, with the doll itself measuring about 3.5×3.0×4.7 inches. It’s priced at 17,600 yen (tax included) and is available for purchase at the Mataro Doll Pavilion and online​​.

About Mataro Doll: Overview and History

Mataro Doll, established in Taisho 8 (1919), is a traditional craftwork manufacturer known for its Kimekomi Hina Dolls and May Dolls. The origin of Kimekomi dolls dates back about 280 years to the Edo period. Mataro Doll is the only officially recognized inheritor of the Kimekomi doll tradition from the Kamigamo Shrine and was recognized as a traditional craft in Showa 53 (1978)​​.

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