ONE PIECE Figures! The 5th installment of the LOGBOX RE BIRTH series! Gear 5 Special releasing in early February!

One Piece

Overview of ONE PIECE Figure Gear 5 Special

In Japan, MegaHouse is set to release a new diorama collection figure, “LOGBOX RE BIRTH Gear 5 Special,” in early February 2024. This series brings to life iconic scenes from the popular TV anime “ONE PIECE,” with this fifth installment focusing specifically on the “Gear 5” scenes. Utilizing years of expertise, MegaHouse provides “ONE PIECE” fans with diorama figures that perfectly capture the impressive Gear 5 scenes.

The “LOGBOX” series started sales in 2010 and was renewed in 2019 as the “LOGBOX RE BIRTH.” It’s a popular series with over 3 million units shipped, becoming an indispensable item for “ONE PIECE” fans. The “LOGBOX RE BIRTH Gear 5 Special” to be released includes one of four types, priced at ¥1,210 each.

These diorama figures replicate “ONE PIECE” scenes in a desktop size, sure to captivate fans and non-fans alike. They offer a way to enjoy the anime’s thrilling scenes easily at home or in the office.

Contents of ONE PIECE Figure Gear 5 Special

The new release from MegaHouse, the “LOGBOX RE BIRTH Gear 5 Special,” focuses on Luffy’s “Gear 5” form. Standing at about 90mm (approximately 3.54 inches) tall, these figures allow fans to fully appreciate the formidable presence of Gear 5. The fifth installment includes “Dondottotto♪,” “Fun, isn’t it, Kaido,” “Gomu Gomu no Jump Rope,” and “Biiiiiiin!!,” with one random figure included in each box.

The set contains one pre-colored diorama figure, randomly chosen from all four types. These figures are particularly appealing to “ONE PIECE” fans, capturing Luffy’s moment of newfound power awakening in exquisite detail.


Fun, isn’t it, Kaido

Gomu Gomu no Jump Rope


Sales of ONE PIECE Figure Gear 5 Special

Product Name: LOGBOX RE BIRTH Gear 5 Special Lineup: All 4 types Set Contents: One pre-colored diorama figure *One of the four types is included. Size: Approximately 90mm (about 3.54 inches) in height Release Date: Early February 2024 Price: ¥1,210 each (tax included)

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『ワンピース』より、ジオラマコレクションフィギュア「LOGBOX RE BIRTH ギア5スペシャル」が登場!衝撃の登場を果たした「ギア5」だけの全4種ラインナップ!
「ギア5」だけをラインアップ! 「ONE PIECE」の名場面を再現したフィギュア「LOGBOX RE BIRTH」第5弾が登場(HOBBY Watch) - Yahoo!ニュース
メガハウスは、ジオラマコレクションフィギュア「LOGBOX RE BIRTH ギア5スペシャル」を2月上旬から発売する。全4種類のうち1種が入っており、価格は各1,210円。  本商品は、TVア
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