UNIQLO “UT” and Anime “Oshi no Ko” Collaboration T-Shirts Available from July 5!

Oshi no Ko

Overview of UNIQLO and Oshi no Ko Collaboration T-Shirts

UNIQLO’s graphic T-shirt brand “UT” is set to release collaboration items with the TV anime “Oshi no Ko” on July 5. The items will be available for purchase in Japan. The second season of the anime “Oshi no Ko” will begin airing on July 3, with a live-action drama and a movie adaptation also in the pipeline.

The collaboration items with “UT” feature designs of characters such as Ai and B-Komachi, as well as the rabbit that appears in the music video of the opening theme song “Idol” sung by YOASOBI.

Details of UNIQLO and Oshi no Ko Collaboration T-Shirts

Sales Information of UNIQLO and Oshi no Ko Collaboration T-Shirts

Release Date: July 5

Available at: Online store and UNIQLO stores nationwide

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