“Oshi no Ko” Design Candy Available in Limited Quantities on June 27th!

Oshi no Ko

Overview of “Oshi no Ko” Design Candy

In Japan, a new candy series designed after the TV anime “Oshi no Ko” will be launched. This series captures the world of the anime and is scheduled for release in limited quantities on June 27 at stores nationwide and on the PAPABUBBLE official website. This collaboration by Craft Candy Theater “PAPABUBBLE” is a special product aimed at anime fans.

Content of “Oshi no Ko” Design Candy

“Which is your favorite candy?” Bringing the world to about 1 cm (0.4 inches) candy

  • “Oshi no Ko” Candy Set — Price including tax: ¥1,980
    • (Original stickers randomly included (6 types in total))

Star-shaped lollipop candies representing the shine of Ai, Aqua, and Ruby

  • “Oshi no Ko” Lollipops — Price for each: ¥930
    • (Ruby: Lemon Soda, Ai: Strawberry, Aqua: White Soda)

Sales of “Oshi no Ko” Design Candy

Sale date: June 27th

Sales locations: <List of Sales Stores>

  • Sapporo Store / Fukuoka Store / Sendai Store / Haneda Airport Store / Yokohama Atelier / Kyoto Store / Lucua Osaka Store / Shinsaibashi Store / Namba Store / Nagoya Station Store / OKAZAKI / Sakae Store / Nakano Store / Lumine Shinjuku Store / Joinus Store / Daimaru Tokyo Store / Saitama New Urban Center Store / Machida Store / Kichijoji Store / Tachikawa Store / Yokohama Takashimaya Store / Online Store (https://papabubble.co.jp/collections/oshinoko)

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