Ichiban Kuji Godzilla-1.0″ Now on Sale! November 18, 2023 (Thursday)!


Godzilla-1.0″ Ichiban Kuji Released on November 18! Prize A: A Majestic “Godzilla” Figure

The “Ichiban Kuji Godzilla-1.0,” themed around the movie “Godzilla-1.0,” was released in Japan on November 18, 2023. This lottery is the latest in Bandai Spirits’ popular character lottery series, available for 900 yen (tax included) per entry.

Introduction to Ichiban Kuji Godzilla-1.0

The “Ichiban Kuji Godzilla-1.0” is a “no-lose” character lottery by Bandai Spirits, themed on the movie “Godzilla-1.0,” priced at 900 yen per entry (tax included). The lottery features various prizes, including the “Godzilla (2023) SOFVICS” by Yuji Sakai. The Prize A Godzilla figure captures the monster’s intimidating presence and skin texture in an approximately 9.06-inch model. Other prizes include a ceramic “Dorsal Fin Plate” modeled after Godzilla’s fins, a Godzilla-themed mug, gauze towel, acrylic stand collection, black tumbler, canvas-style illustration board & logo sticker, and a Monster Head magnet.

Prize A Godzilla (2023) SOFVICS

A figure that recreates Godzilla’s formidable presence, undoubtedly appealing to collectors.

Prize B Dorsal Fin Plate

A must-have item for fans, designed after Godzilla’s distinctive dorsal fins.

Prize C Godzilla Design Mug

A daily-use mug adorned with a Godzilla design.

Prize D Gauze Towel

A practical item that also conveys the world of Godzilla.

Prize E Acrylic Stand Collection

A collection of acrylic stands capturing various poses of Godzilla.

Prize F Black Tumbler

A stylish black tumbler featuring a Godzilla design.

Prize G Canvas-style Illustration Board & Logo Sticker

An artistic illustration board with a Godzilla logo sticker.

Prize H Monster Head Magnet

A unique magnet modeled after Godzilla’s head.

Last One Prize Godzilla (2023) SOFVICS Heat Ray Emission Ver.

A figure replicating Godzilla’s heat ray emission scene with a unique, light-emitting-like coloring.

What is Ichiban Kuji? Purchase Methods and More

Ichiban Kuji can be bought at Japanese FamilyMart, bookstores, hobby shops, some game centers, the official Ichiban Kuji shop, and Ichiban Kuji ONLINE through a lottery system. Participants draw lots to determine their prize. Additionally, a Double Chance campaign is being held for “Ichiban Kuji Godzilla-1.0,” offering a chance to win the same prize as Prize A. This campaign runs from the release date until the end of February 2024, with 30 winners per lot.

These prizes are sure to be an attractive collection for Godzilla fans.

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映画「ゴジラ-1.0」一番くじが発売!目玉のA賞は大迫力の「ゴジラ」ソフビフィギュア、ラストワン賞は“熱線放射ver.”(インサイド) - Yahoo!ニュース
バンダイスピリッツは、「一番くじ ゴジラ-1.0」を11月18日より順次発売します。 ◆映画「ゴジラ-1.0」のはずれなしくじ!全24アイテムがラインナップ 本商品は、2023年11月3日より公開
「一番くじ ゴジラ-1.0」がいよいよ発売!フィギュア「ゴジラ(2023) SOFVICS」やモンスターヘッドマグネットなどが当たる! | 電撃ホビーウェブ
「一番くじ ゴジラ-1.0」がいよいよ11月18日(土)より順次発売!フィギュアや背びれ プレート、ゴジラデザインマグカップなどが当たる!


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