“Precure All Stars” Food Toy Jewelry Charm Set to be Released on April 15th!


Overview of “Precure All Stars” Food Toy Jewelry Charm

Bandai is set to release food toy jewelry charms featuring the silhouettes of characters from “Precure All Stars”! Scheduled for release in Japan on April 15, 2024, these charms are approximately 45mm in length and come with lobster claw clasps. They are made of three materials: plating, pearl, and aurora clear, each giving off a sparkling and adorable finish. Some charms come in pairs, such as Cure Black and Cure White, Cure Summer and Cure Lamer, and Cure Wonderful and Cure Friendly!

Contents of “Precure All Stars” Food Toy Jewelry Charm

  1. Cure Black
  2. Cure White
  3. Cure Dream
  4. Milky Rose
  5. Cure Heart
  6. Cure Whip
  7. Cure Summer
  8. Cure Lamer
  9. Cure Wonderful
  10. Cure Friendly
  11. Mepple and Mipple
  12. Cure Mo
  13. Coco and Nuts
  14. Lovely Commune
  15. Animal Sweets
  16. Pekorin
  17. Pretty Up Lip
  18. Kururun
  19. Transformation Wonderful Pact
  20. Inukai Komugi

Sales of “Precure All Stars” Food Toy Jewelry Charm

  • Seller: Bandai Candy Division
  • Price: 308 yen (tax included)
  • Scheduled release date: April 15, 2024
  • Available at: Confectionery sections of nationwide retailers

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