“Ichiban Kuji Uma Musume Pretty Derby Vol. 9” to be Released on June 28th!


Overview of Ichiban Kuji Uma Musume Pretty Derby Vol. 9

BANDAI SPIRITS has unveiled the full lineup of “Ichiban Kuji Uma Musume Pretty Derby Vol. 9,” which is scheduled for release on June 28th. This product is the ninth installment of the highly popular anime and game series ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’ in Japan. Prizes A to C feature figures of “Manhattan Cafe,” “Agnes Tachyon,” and “Jungle Pocket” in their race outfits, characters who appear prominently in the currently airing movie “Uma Musume Pretty Derby: The New Era’s Door” in theaters nationwide.

Prize D includes visualize stands using SSR support card illustrations of “Vodka” and “Daiwa Scarlet.” Other items in the lineup include acrylic stands, twin metal coasters, acrylic carabiners, and rubber charms.

Additionally, the Last One Prize, which you can get by drawing the final ticket, is a “Manhattan Cafe Figure Last One ver.” with a blue-black metallic paint finish on her long coat. There is also a Double Chance Campaign where you can win the same item as the Last One Prize through a lottery. The full prize list is available, allowing you to see the detailed lineup.

Contents of Ichiban Kuji Uma Musume Pretty Derby Vol. 9

Prize A: Manhattan Cafe Figure

Prize A features Manhattan Cafe in her race outfit! The details, such as the patterns on the skirt and the decorations on the belt, are meticulously crafted and painted! Enjoy displaying her with other members!

  • 1 type
  • Size: Approx. 17 cm (6.69 inches)

Prize B: Agnes Tachyon Figure

Prize B features Agnes Tachyon in her race outfit! Details like the zipper on her lab coat and the decorations on her test tube are carefully crafted and painted! Enjoy displaying her with other members!

  • 1 type
  • Size: Approx. 18 cm (7.09 inches)

Prize C: Jungle Pocket Figure

Prize C features Jungle Pocket in his race outfit! Details like the shape of his suspenders and the decorations on the belt are meticulously crafted and painted! Enjoy displaying him with other members!

  • 1 type
  • Size: Approx. 17 cm (6.69 inches)

Prize D: Visualize Stand

Prize D includes visualize stands! The SSR support card is printed in a special seven-color print, different from usual, for a beautiful finish! Enjoy the illustration in a more vivid manner with an acrylic stand, making it easier to display!

  • 2 types
  • Size: A4

Prize E: Acrylic Stand

Prize E features acrylic stands of 8 Uma Musume characters in their race outfits! Choose your favorite character!

  • 8 types
  • Size: Approx. 9–10 cm (3.54–3.94 inches)

Prize F: Twin Metal Coaster

Prize F includes twin metal coasters featuring cute illustrations of Chokonokko! This luxurious set includes one design using Chokonokko illustrations and another design inspired by the ear decorations of each character, allowing you to enjoy various combinations! Choose your favorite design!

  • 8 types
  • Size: Approx. 9 cm (3.54 inches)

Prize G: Acrylic Carabiner

Prize G features acrylic carabiners with original illustrations! These goods are perfect for daily life, outings, or events! Choose your favorite character!

  • 9 types
  • Size: Approx. 8 cm (3.15 inches)

Prize H: Rubber Charm

Prize H includes cute rubber charms with Kyun Character illustrations! These items, designed with race victory poses in mind, allow you to always be with your favorite Uma Musume! Choose your favorite character!

  • 11 types
  • Size: Approx. 7 cm (2.76 inches)

Last One Prize: Manhattan Cafe Figure Last One ver.

The special figure of Manhattan Cafe, exclusive to the Last One Prize! Her long coat features a blue-black metallic paint finish, reminiscent of her unique dark atmosphere and her special events that occur when she’s up late at night! Display her alongside Prize A and enjoy both versions!

  • Size: Approx. 17 cm (6.69 inches)

Sales Information of Ichiban Kuji Uma Musume Pretty Derby Vol. 9

  • Release Date: Scheduled to be released sequentially from June 28, 2024 (Friday)
    • Note: Release dates vary by store, with some stores such as 7-Eleven launching on June 29 or 30, 2024 (Saturday and Sunday).
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 800 yen per draw (including 10% tax)
  • Retailers: Available at 7-Eleven stores, Ito-Yokado stores, Yume Town stores, bookstores, hobby shops, some game centers, Ichiban Kuji official shops, Ichiban Kuji ONLINE, etc.
  • Double Chance Campaign Period: From release date until the end of September 2024

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