“Laid-Back Camp” Summer Camping Lottery Available from June 18!


Overview of the “Laid-Back Camp” Summer Camping Lottery

The TV anime “Laid-Back Camp SEASON 3” is featured in the latest “Minna no Kuji” lottery. Items with original illustrations themed around summer camping will be available in Japan starting June 18.

“Laid-Back Camp” is based on the girls’ outdoor manga by Afro, serialized in “COMIC FUZ”. The story is set in Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures and gently depicts the daily lives of high school girls who love camping. The TV anime premiered in January 2018, and the third season, “Laid-Back Camp SEASON 3,” has been airing since April 2024.

The latest “Minna no Kuji” features original illustrations with a cool and light summer camping theme. These illustrations offer a different atmosphere from the usual heavy outfits seen in the main series, making the characters stand out. The original illustrations are used for prizes C, D, F, and G.

Contents of the “Laid-Back Camp” Summer Camping Lottery

A Prize: Figure – Rin Shima

(1 type / approx. 18.5 cm [7.3 inches])

B Prize: Figure – Nadeshiko Kagamihara

(1 type / approx. 18 cm [7.1 inches])

C Prize: T-shirt

(2 types to choose from / Length: approx. 70 cm [27.6 inches], Width: approx. 52 cm [20.5 inches], Sleeve length: approx. 21 cm [8.3 inches])

D Prize: Clear Cup

(3 types to choose from / approx. 9 cm [3.5 inches])

E Prize: Glass Marker

(5 types, random / approx. 4.5 cm [1.8 inches])

F Prize: Can Badge Set

(7 types, random / Set of 2 / approx. 5.4 cm [2.1 inches])

G Prize: Clear File Set

(8 types, random / A4 size set of 2)

Last Get Prize: Figure – Rin Shima Last Get Ver.

(1 type / approx. 18.5 cm [7.3 inches])

Double Get Prize: Figure Set of “A Prize Rin Shima” and “B Prize Nadeshiko Kagamihara”

Sales Information for the “Laid-Back Camp” Summer Camping Lottery

Minna no Kuji “Laid-Back Camp SEASON 3”
Release Date: Available sequentially from Tuesday, June 18
Retail Stores: Lawson, bookstores, hobby shops, and more
Lottery Flow: 850 yen (tax included) per play, one of the seven prize tiers from A to G (27 types in total) will be won (no losses).
Publisher: Furyu Corporation

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