‘Pokémon’ Apparel Items to be Released at Don Quijote Starting June 8!


Overview of Pokémon × Donki

The discount store Don Quijote has announced that it will begin selling apparel items from the anime ‘Pokémon’ starting from 9:00 AM on Saturday, June 8. This new line of ‘Pokémon’ apparel items will be available at Don Quijote’s stores.

There will be 12 types of T-shirts priced at ¥2189 each, and 6 types of shorts priced at ¥2189 each. Sizes available are M, L, and LL. The designs feature simple illustrations of popular characters such as Snorlax, Mimikyu, Gengar, Quagsire, and Wooper.

These items will be sold exclusively in Japan. You can check the official website to see which stores will carry these items, so make sure to find out if your local Don Quijote will have them.

Details of Pokémon × Donki

Sales Information for Pokémon × Donki

Release Date: Starting from 9:00 AM on Saturday, June 8

Sales Location: Don Quijote stores

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『ポケモン』のアパレルアイテムが「ドン・キホーテ」にて6月8日(土)午前9時より順次、発売開始。カビゴン、ミミッキュ、ゲンガー、ヌオーなどの各2189円となるTシャツ、ハーフパンツが展開(電ファミニコゲーマー) - Yahoo!ニュース
ディスカウントストアのドン・キホーテは、アニメ『ポケットモンスター』のアパレルアイテムを6月8日(土)午前9時より順次、発売開始すると発表した。 今回、「驚安の殿堂ドン・キホーテ」にて展開するのは
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