Pokémon Monster Ball New Design Galaxy Buds Case Released on March 27!


Overview of Pokémon Monster Ball New Design Galaxy Buds Case

A new design of Galaxy Buds case was released in Japan on March 27, attracting attention. This Galaxy Buds case is compatible with the popular noise-canceling earphones that sold out immediately in the past, featuring a design inspired by Pokémon’s Monster Ball. New designs have been added to the “Monster Ball Cover” that debuted last year and were sold in limited quantities. This allows fans to enjoy a unique style inspired by the world of Pokémon. Note that the Galaxy Buds series of earphones, except for some functions, can be used by users other than Galaxy users.

Contents of Pokémon Monster Ball New Design Galaxy Buds Case

Pokemon Super Ball Eco-Friends Cover

¥4,879 (incl. tax)

Pokemon Hyper Ball Eco-Friends Cover

¥4,879 (incl. tax)

Pokemon Master Ball Eco-Friends Cover

¥4,879 (incl. tax)

About Compatible Earphones

Compatible earphones include “Galaxy Buds2 Pro,” “Galaxy Buds2,” and “Galaxy Buds FE.” They are sold at Samsung Online Shop, Galaxy Harajuku (2F), and Slash B Slash Online Shop.

Compatibility with iOS Devices

The Galaxy Buds series can be used with devices other than Galaxy smartphones (via Bluetooth connection). However, detailed settings using the “Galaxy Wearable” app and certain features are not available on iOS devices. After initial setup on an Android device, the earphones can be used with iOS devices, allowing control from the earphones themselves, although some features may not be available.

Sales of Pokémon Monster Ball New Design Galaxy Buds Case

  • Seller: Samsung Electronics Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Release Date: March 27, 2024
  • Sellers:
  1. Samsung Online Shop Link
  2. Galaxy Harajuku 2F “Slash B Slash” Store Link
  3. Slash B Slash Online Shop Link

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