【Hello Kitty】and『SPINNS』Collaboration Items Available from May 10th!


Overview of the 【Hello Kitty】and『SPINNS』Collaboration

We are excited to introduce new products scheduled for release on May 10th within Japan. The apparel brand『SPINNS』has announced items in collaboration with the globally popular character『Hello Kitty』. This collaboration includes a variety of products such as soccer T-shirts, square neck cutsews, halter neck bear tops, nap sacks, caps, necklaces, hairpins, and pouches. Each item features a monochrome, sophisticated design with『Hello Kitty』as a subtle highlight, making them easy to incorporate into daily use and affordably priced.

Content of the 【Hello Kitty】and『SPINNS』Collaboration

Sales of the 【Hello Kitty】and『SPINNS』Collaboration

Sale Date: May 10th

Sales Location:『SPINNS』Official Online Store

Official Site → https://www.spinns.com/ Official Online Store → https://www.spinns.jp/

ebay Store: Check out Hello Kitty at Anime Treasures jp →

Looking for Hello Kitty goods?

We will search all over Japan! Please feel free to contact Anime Treasures jp! → Click here to contact us!

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株式会社ヒューマンフォーラムのプレスリリース(2024年4月26日 18時00分)ハローキティ×SPINNSのコラボレーション第2弾!トレンドの『バレエコア』がぎゅっとつまった、大人可愛いアイテムが登場!
【ハローキティ】大人可愛いコラボアイテムが『SPINNS』から登場♪(アニメージュプラス) - Yahoo!ニュース
アパレルブランド『SPINNS(スピンズ)』から、世界的大人気キャラクター『ハローキティ』とのコラボレーションアイテムが登場! さっそく商品をチェックしよう! 『ハローキティ』はサンリオの人気キャ
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