【SPINNS】and “Hello Kitty” Collaboration Items Launch on March 8th! Jerseys, T-Shirts, Camisoles, Bags, Pouches, Wallets, and More


Overview of the 【SPINNS】and “Hello Kitty” Collaboration Items

The popular Japanese apparel brand “SPINNS” is set to launch a collection of collaboration items with Sanrio’s beloved character “Hello Kitty” online on March 8th, with in-store sales starting on March 15th. This collaboration features must-have items for Hello Kitty fans. The SPINNS official online store will host an exclusive pre-sale from March 8th at 12:00 PM until March 10th at 11:59 PM. These charming Hello Kitty items are perfect not only for personal use but also as gifts for Hello Kitty enthusiasts. This collaboration, merging fashion with character, promises to unveil new allure.

Introduction to SPINNS

Adhering to the concept “ATTITUDE MAKES STYLE!”, SPINNS offers style proposals that capture the trends of the times while reflecting a unique stance. As a “NEW & VINTAGE STYLE MARKET,” it presents a worldwide selection of new and old products, offering original items that pursue a unique style. The store proposes a lifestyle that blends various youth cultures, including fashion, music, and art, offering visitors an experience of new cultural whirlwinds. The SPINNS-style mix of fashion, music, art, and more symbolizes a space emblematic of contemporary youth culture.

Content of the 【SPINNS】and “Hello Kitty” Collaboration Items

Jerseys, T-Shirts, Camisoles

Bags, Pouches, Wallets

Sales of the 【SPINNS】and “Hello Kitty” Collaboration Items


  • SPINNS Official Online Store: March 8th (Fri) 12:00 PM to March 10th (Sun) 11:59 PM
  • SUPER SPINNS Umeda Store: Starting March 9th (Sat)

Regular Sale

  • SPINNS Store Sales Start: March 15th (Fri)

Sales Locations

  • Available at all SPINNS stores except for certain locations

Official Site → https://www.spinns.com/

Official Online Store → https://www.spinns.jp/

eBay Store: Check out “Hello Kitty” at Anime Treasures jp →

Looking for “Hello Kitty” goods?

We will search all over Japan! Feel free to contact Anime Treasures jp! → Click here to contact us!

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【SPINNS】誰でもキュンとする♡大人気「ハローキティ」とのコラボアイテムが登場 - Peachy - ライブドアニュース
株式会社ヒューマンフォーラムのプレスリリース(2024年2月23日 18時00分)世界中で愛されているキャラクターハローキティのアイテムがSPINNSにて発売!Z世代の女の子誰もがキュン♡とする、コラボレーションアイテムから目が離せない!
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