“Hello Kitty” 50th Anniversary Cassette Radio Limited Edition Available from Late May!


Overview of the “Hello Kitty” Cassette Radio

Sanrio Co., Ltd. will start selling a special edition “ORION Bluetooth-Enabled Stereo Radio Cassette SCR-B3(KT)” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hello Kitty from late May 2024. In Japan, it will be available in limited quantities through the official online store “Doshisha Marche,” some Sanrio shops, Sanrio corners in department stores, and the Sanrio online shop. This cassette radio combines a retro design with modern functionality, featuring Bluetooth capabilities. It’s a must-have item for Hello Kitty fans.

Features of the “Hello Kitty” Cassette Radio

2-Head Stereo Playback/Recording Cassette

The cassette player features a “semi-auto stop mechanism” that automatically stops at the end of the tape during playback/recording.

MP3 Playback

You can also play MP3 files stored on USB memory sticks and SD cards. *USB memory sticks and SD cards shown in the photos are not included.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Equipped with the improved speed version 5.0, you can enjoy music wirelessly from your smartphone. Additionally, you can control playback, pause, and skip tracks directly from the device.

Extensive Recording Features

Record MP3 format onto USB memory sticks or SD cards. You can also record onto cassette tapes, allowing you to create your original tapes.

AM/FM Wideband Radio Tuner

The radio tuner supports FM supplementary broadcasting. The tuning scale and knob have an analog design, but it uses a high-sensitivity digital tuner.

Specifications of the “Hello Kitty” Cassette Radio

  • Product Name: Bluetooth-Enabled Stereo Radio Cassette
  • Model Number: SCR-B3(KT)

Continuous Use Time (with batteries)

  • Radio Reception: Approximately 90 hours
  • Cassette Tape Playback: Approximately 50 hours
  • USB/SD MP3 Playback: Approximately 50 hours
  • Bluetooth Connection: Approximately 75 hours

Dimensions: (Approx.) Width 317 mm × Depth 89 mm × Height 114 mm (Including protrusions)
Weight: (Approx.) 1.3 kg (Main unit only)

Official Online Store “Doshisha Marche”

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