Gashapon “Chiikawa Stand Light” Available from the First Week of May!


Overview of the Gashapon “Chiikawa Stand Light”

Introducing a new product soon to be launched in Japan. Bandai will release the “Chiikawa Stand Light” capsule toy in the first week of May. The price per try is 600 yen, and there are three varieties available.

This stand light is designed in a miniature size featuring the popular character “Chiikawa.” Once assembled, it stands at about 10cm (approximately 3.94 inches) tall. Its distinctive stained glass-style design and the charming figurines of Chiikawa sitting quietly under the light are particularly appealing. Moreover, this stand light includes a light-up gimmick in all varieties, offering a delightful, small art piece that glows in the dark. Look forward to this new anime merchandise from Japan.

Contents of the Gashapon “Chiikawa Stand Light”

Sales of the Gashapon “Chiikawa Stand Light”

  • Release period: First week of May 2024
  • Price (tax included): 600 yen
  • Number of types: Three
  • Age target: 15 years and older

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