“Café Chadès” Merchandise Available at Pokémon Centers from May 3rd!


Overview of “Café Chadès” Merchandise

On May 3rd, new merchandise from the “Café Chadès” line by Pokémon was released in Japan and is now available at Pokémon Center stores. This line features Pokémon characters working in a café setting, including Pikachu and Chadès. The products include a tea whisk for making matcha, a convenient carry bag set called “Outdoor Café Set”, a Poké Ball-shaped teapot, matcha-flavored snacks, and a mini stainless steel bottle. These items are sure to appeal to matcha enthusiasts and Pokémon fans alike.

Contents of “Café Chadès” Merchandise

Outdoor Café Set “Café Chadès”

Poké Ball-shaped Teapot

Chadès “Yabasocha” Bowl

Matcha Langue de Chat Cookies “Café Chadès”

Wooden Tray “Café Chadès”

Mini Stainless Steel Bottle “Café Chadès”

Sales Information for “Café Chadès” Merchandise

Sale Date: May 3rd

Sale Location: Pokémon Center stores

For more details, visit the official Pokémon website.

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