Hello Kitty’s 50th Anniversary Collaboration Items with Crocs, Available from January 18th!


The Overview of Hello Kitty and Crocs Collaboration

Crocs, the global leader in innovative casual footwear for women, men, and children, celebrates the 50th anniversary of Sanrio’s beloved character “Hello Kitty” with the announcement of special collaboration shoes. This new collection features three styles of footwear, primarily in red and blue, and will be released in Japan on January 18th, 2024. These shoes will be available at Crocs retail stores, online store, and specific outlets like ABC Mart Grand Stage Osaka. This footwear, combining the cuteness of Hello Kitty with the comfort of Crocs, promises to be an attractive item for anime fans in Japan.

Detailed Information on Hello Kitty and Crocs Collaboration

The collaboration introduces three types of footwear, themed around Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary, and based on the colors red and blue. The “Hello Kitty Siren Clog” features a design with a red ribbon and 3D Hello Kitty Jibbitz, complemented by a stylish heel of approximately 8.8cm. The “Stomp Slide,” a latest model adorned with an all-over Hello Kitty pattern, focuses on red as the main accent, enriched with glitter and oversized ribbon Jibbitz for a feminine touch.

Furthermore, the “Classic Crocs Clog,” an iconic Crocs model, is available in unisex, kids, and toddler sizes, featuring a cute design with Hello Kitty’s whiskers. These shoes embody Hello Kitty’s characteristics across all three types of sandals.

This special collaboration, commemorating Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary, reflects the unique personality of Hello Kitty in each model. Among fans, these shoes are seen as a commemorative collector’s item that blends Hello Kitty’s charm with Crocs’ comfort. They are sure to be an appealing item for anime fans in the English-speaking world, symbolizing Japanese culture.

Hello Kitty Stomp Slide (Sizes 22–30cm)

Price: 13,200 yen

The “Hello Kitty Stomp Slide” stands out with its bright red thick sole. The upper features Hello Kitty graphics, accompanied by sparkling glitter and oversized ribbon Jibbitz.

Hello Kitty Siren Clog (Sizes 22–30cm)

Price: 14,300 yen

The “Hello Kitty Siren Clog” showcases an impactful blue heel approximately 8.8cm high. The upper is fully adorned with Hello Kitty graphics, including ribbons, full-body, and face motifs in 3D Jibbitz.

Classic Hello Kitty Clog

(Sizes 22–30cm) 9,900 yen, (Sizes 18–21cm) 8,250 yen, (Sizes 12–17.5cm) 7,700 yen

The “Classic Hello Kitty Clog,” wearable by children and adults, is also available. It incorporates various Hello Kitty features such as sole color, band, and ribbon motifs, expressing Hello Kitty throughout the shoe.


Crocs Size Chart

Japan Size (cm)US Size (Men/Women)UK Size (Men/Women)EU Size

Sales Information for Hello Kitty and Crocs Collaboration

Hello Kitty × Crocs Release Date: January 18th, 2024 Retailers: ABC Mart Grand Stage Osaka Store, Crocs Retailers, ABC Mart Online Store, Crocs Online Store


  • Hello Kitty Siren Clog (Sizes 22–30cm): 14,300 yen
  • Hello Kitty Stomp Slide (Sizes 22–30cm): 13,200 yen
  • Classic Hello Kitty Clog (Sizes 22–30cm): 9,900 yen, (Sizes 18–21cm): 8,250 yen, (Sizes 12–17.5cm): 7,700 yen

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