BABY-G and Hello Kitty Special Collaboration Watch! Available from January 19th!


Overview of the BABY-G and Hello Kitty Special Collaboration Watch! BGD-565KT

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of BABY-G and the 50th anniversary of Hello Kitty, the special collaboration watch “BGD-565KT” is set to be released in Japan on January 19th. This new model, produced by Casio, celebrates the unique partnership between the women’s shock-resistant watch “BABY-G” and Sanrio’s popular character “Hello Kitty.” The “BGD-565KT” features a design commemorating the milestone anniversaries of both brands. For anime fans, this limited edition watch represents a significant part of Japan’s pop culture, becoming a collector’s item.

Details of the BABY-G and Hello Kitty Special Collaboration Watch!

The special collaboration model “BGD-565KT,” celebrating the 50th anniversary of BABY-G and Hello Kitty, is based on the original BABY-G model “BGD-565” and is scheduled for release in Japan on January 19th. The watch features the original primary colors of white, red, and blue used during Hello Kitty’s debut in 1974, characterized by its retro and cute design. The band displays various expressions of Hello Kitty from the 1970s, and when the backlight is activated, Hello Kitty’s face appears on the LCD screen.

This commemorative model features 50 Hello Kitty designs throughout the watch, celebrating the 50th anniversary, including an original Kitty engraved on the back cover. The band is made of environmentally friendly biomass plastic, a notable feature.

The special package includes a fabric pouch inspired by the watch’s design, making it an ideal gift. Currently available for pre-order at the CASIO online store, this watch is sure to be a special collector’s item symbolizing Japanese pop culture for anime fans. This model is a special piece suitable for the anniversary year, combining the original designs of BABY-G and Hello Kitty.

Band Design

The matte white-colored band features Kitty’s face, allowing you to enjoy various expressions of Kitty right on your wrist.


The ribbon-shaped cut-out on the loop adds a cute touch.

LED Backlight

When the LED backlight is lit, Kitty’s face appears, combined with the ribbon designed on the dial to create a Kitty appearance!

Back Engraving

The back cover is engraved with the original Kitty face featured on the watch.


Enjoy a special package with coloring and original Kitty designs that match the watch.

Sales Information for the BABY-G and Hello Kitty Special Collaboration Watch!

Release Date: January 19th (Friday) *Pre-orders available at CASIO online store Availability: CASIO online store, nationwide BABY-G retailers, selected Sanrio shops, Sanrio online shop

BABY-G × Hello Kitty

BGD-565KT-7JR Price: 15,950 yen (tax included)

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