Hello Kitty’s 50th Anniversary: Sanrio Thank You Mart Collaboration Items Available for 390 Yen Starting January 12th!


Embrace the Blend of Reiwa and Heisei Trends with 16 “Emotional” Hello Kitty x Thank You Mart Collaboration Items

In 2024, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular character Hello Kitty, Thank You Mart will release a collection of retro Heisei-era designed collaboration items in Japan. These products will be available from January 12th, priced uniformly at 390 yen (tax included 429 yen). This collection, merging Reiwa and Heisei trends, includes designs inspired by the “Pokebell.” Comprising 16 items, the series follows the theme “Cute in the Palm of Your Hand” and will be available in Thank You Mart stores nationwide and on their official online shop. This presents a unique opportunity for English-speaking anime fans to connect with Japanese anime culture.

Products include:

  • Trapezoidal Pouch: 429 yen
  • Fake Book: 429 yen
  • Clear Flat Pouch: 429 yen
  • Lip Pouch (2 types): 429 yen
  • Hair Iron Case: 429 yen
  • Clear Multicase: 429 yen
  • Mirror & Brush Set: 429 yen
  • Acrylic Keyholder (2 types): 429 yen
  • Pass Case: 429 yen
  • Scrunchie: 429 yen
  • Hairband: 429 yen
  • Stickers (2 types): 429 yen for 2
  • Toothbrush Set: 429 yen

Pass Case, Acrylic Keyholder

Each priced at 390 yen (tax included 429 yen). The pass case features a nostalgic early Heisei-era “Pokebell” design. These items, with motifs of “Pokebell” and “Garakei,” evoke nostalgia for those over 30 and are fresh and new for today’s teens.

Lip Case, Hair Iron Case

Each priced at 390 yen (tax included 429 yen). The lip and hair iron cases combine the popular quilt design from the 2000s with a contemporary angelic Hello Kitty design.

Fake Book, Mirror & Brush Set, Lip Case

Each priced at 390 yen (tax included 429 yen). These items feature the “Kao Hana Design,” popular among Heisei-era gals, with houndstooth and floral face designs. These nostalgic designs are reimagined with a modern, “emotional” twist.

Sales Overview of All 16 Hello Kitty x Thank You Mart Collaboration Items

All items priced at 390 yen (tax included 429 yen).

  • Product Lineup: All items 390 yen (tax included 429 yen), except stickers (429 yen for any 2).
  • Sale Start Date: From January 12th, 2024, available in stores and online upon arrival.
  • Where to Buy: Thank You Mart stores and official online shop, among others.

About “Thank You Mart” and the Hello Kitty Collaboration

Thank You Mart, themed “Cute in the Palm of Your Hand,” supports girls who want to live happily in their own way, surrounded by their favorite things. The store offers a variety of items, including trending SNS items and fun everyday school supplies, at an accessible “Thank You Price” centered around 390 yen.

Company Details

  • Company Name: Elsonic Co., Ltd.
  • Address: 3-35-12 Tsurumichō, Suita, Osaka 564-0062, Japan
  • Representative: Takeshi Koyama
  • Established: July 7, 1995
  • URL: http://www.elsonic.co.jp/

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