Limited Edition ‘Hello Kitty 50th Biscuit Tin’ Available from April 22!


Overview of the Hello Kitty 50th Biscuit Tin

Hokuriku Seika Co., Ltd., based in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hello Kitty with the release of the ‘Hello Kitty 50th Biscuit Tin’ in Japan on April 22, 2024. This limited edition tin contains ribbon-shaped biscuits featuring original prints of Hello Kitty, Mimmy, and Ribbons. This product is a tribute to Hello Kitty’s long history and cultural impact, making it a significant item for fans. For anime fans in English-speaking regions, this biscuit tin commemorates Hello Kitty’s anniversary with a monumental offering.

Contents of the Hello Kitty 50th Biscuit Tin

Company Overview

Hokuriku Seika Co., Ltd. was founded in 1918 in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, starting with the production of rice crackers using local mochi rice. Since then, the company has expanded into the production of biscuits, hardtack, and rice snacks. The company’s philosophy is to deliver timeless deliciousness and new confectioneries that bring smiles and good flavors worldwide. Its main products include hard biscuits, rice honey biscuits, hardtack, and fried rice crackers ‘Beaver.’ The company also designs and manufactures character-related products, providing new value to the market across a variety of products. The President and CEO is Kenchika Takasaki.

Sales of the Hello Kitty 50th Biscuit Tin

About the Sweets
Hello Kitty 50th Biscuit Tin

  • Net Weight: 60g
  • Recommended Retail Price: ¥1,320 (tax included)
  • Shelf Life: 12 months
  • Available at: Sanrio Shops, Hokka flagship store “Kanazawa Saisyou”, and Hokka online shop (

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