Figure-Inclusive ‘Pokemon’ Gashapon Ring Series ‘Ringcolle!’ Seventh Installment Coming Soon!


Overview of the ‘Pokemon’ Gashapon Ring Series ‘Ringcolle!’

Bandai has announced the latest addition to its gashapon series in Japan: ‘Ringcolle! Pokemon Ring vol.7,’ set to release in the fourth week of April 2024. This seventh installment will feature rings designed with characters from ‘Pokemon.’ The lineup includes Nyaho, Pudding (Jigglypuff), Morpeko (Full Belly Mode), and Botch, each stored in a Pokeball-shaped capsule. This collection is bound to appeal to Pokemon fans, offering a unique product for anime enthusiasts in the English-speaking world.

Contents of the ‘Pokemon’ Gashapon Ring Series ‘Ringcolle!’


Pudding (Jigglypuff)

Morpeko (Full Belly Mode)


Sales of the ‘Pokemon’ Gashapon Ring Series ‘Ringcolle!’

Capsule product

  • Total of 4 types
  • Manufacturer: Bandai Vendor Division
  • Price: ¥400 per play (tax included)
  • Scheduled for release in the fourth week of April 2024
  • Please note that the release date may vary by region and store.

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