Samantha Vega x Sanrio Characters Collaboration, 7th Edition! Limited Sale Starting January 1!


Introducing the Samantha Vega x Sanrio Characters Collaboration Products

Samantha Tabasa Japan Limited has released collaboration items with Sanrio’s character “Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon” from its Samantha Vega brand in Japan on January 1st. This limited collection, planned by the company headquartered in Minato Ward, Tokyo, with Yukimasa Yoneda as its president, is available for a limited time until January 31st. This collaboration is a notable event for fans of Japanese anime culture worldwide. The unique collection, a fusion of Samantha Tabasa’s sophisticated design and Sanrio’s popular character, is especially appealing to anime fans in Japan.

【Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection】Flutter

The collaboration items for Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon, celebrating its birthday on January 17, feature a lovely pink beige that perfectly matches the character’s cute atmosphere, highlighted with five metal plate charms.

The Flutter, with its three-dimensional ribbon, is a highlight. The front is adorned with heart-shaped jewels and heart foil stamping.

Additionally, each of the five characters’ adorable expressions are represented on the metal plates, making the design even more enjoyable.

“Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection” Flutter ¥24,200- (Mini Size)

“Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection” Flutter ¥27,500- (Small Size)

【Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection】Bijou Fold Wallet

From Samantha Vega comes the Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection. Mainly in pink beige, perfectly suiting the cute atmosphere of Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon, with five metal plate charms and heart-shaped jewels and foil stamping on the front. The wallet features four card slots, a two-layered section for bills, and a coin compartment, making it a highly functional item.

  • “Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection” Bijou Fold Wallet ¥19,800-

【Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection】Multi-Case

From Samantha Vega comes the Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection. The Multi-Case is designed with the same pink beige and features five metal plate charms, heart-shaped jewels, and heart foil stamping on the front. The back can hold three cards, and it comes with a chain, making it versatile as a mini wallet, pass case, or card case.

  • “Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection” Multi-Case ¥14,300-

【Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection】Bag Charm

From Samantha Vega comes the Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection. The Bag Charm features a unique design with a different artistic representation of Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon on the metal plate, showcasing the character adorably rubbing its eyes.

  • “Nyanyi Nyunye Nyonyon Collection” Bag Charm ¥4,950-

About Samantha Vega

Samantha Tabasa aims for global standards, employing an Italian designer as an advisor to focus on high design quality. In contrast, Samantha Vega emphasizes Japanese girls’ pop culture with reasonably priced bags. Products made of synthetic leather and mixed materials are characteristic of the brand, which has stores in fashion buildings like Shibuya 109.

In 2017, Samantha Vega invited the world-renowned high-fashion designer Nicola Formichetti, transforming the brand under the concept of “Cute Mode.” “Mode” here signifies avant-garde. In 2019, to differentiate from Samantha Tabasa, it targeted young women in their teens to early 20s. Given their relatively lower income, Samantha Vega’s products are priced significantly lower than Samantha Tabasa’s adult-oriented products, roughly around half the price.

Thus, Samantha Vega offers trendy products at affordable prices for the younger generation, while Samantha Tabasa provides high-quality, more expensive products for a more mature market. This strategy allows both brands to capture different target segments, establishing a unique position in the Japanese fashion industry.

Samantha Vega x Sanrio Characters Collaboration 7th Edition Sale Schedule

Available for a limited time from January 1 (Mon) to January 31 (Wed) at all Samantha Vega stores and the official Samantha Vega online shop.

Starting February 1, different character items will be sold each month for a limited time at all Samantha Vega stores and the official online shop. In February, “Cinnamoroll” x Samantha Vega collaboration items are scheduled for sale.

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