“Ichiban Kuji SPY×FAMILY CODE: White” Available from January 6th (Saturday)!


Detailed Information About “Ichiban Kuji SPY×FAMILY CODE: White”!

BANDAI SPIRITS’ Loto Innovation Division’s official website “Ichiban Kuji Club” has unveiled the full lineup of “Ichiban Kuji SPY×FAMILY CODE: White.” This lottery is scheduled to be released sequentially in Japan from January 6, 2024.

The main attraction includes a set figure of Anya and Bond in their movie costumes, featured as the A prize. Also available is a small figure set to complete the Forger family in their movie outfits. Additionally, the lineup includes a rug mat designed with the Forger family, acrylic stands with original illustrations, and more. There are also chances to win travel flat pouches, stationery assortments, and rubber collections. The Last One prize is a special “Anya & Bond Figure (Another Color ver.)” with Anya’s costume in a pearl color. This Ichiban Kuji is set to be an unmissable item for anime fans, released in Japan.

Full Lineup of “Ichiban Kuji SPY×FAMILY CODE: White”!

“Ichiban Kuji SPY×FAMILY CODE: White” full lineup revealed! Win Anya and Bond figures! Rug mats and ChocoNoko figure sets also available!

A Prize: Anya & Bond Figure

A voluminous figure set featuring Anya and Bond in their movie costumes!

  • Size: About 15cm (approximately 5.9 inches)

B Prize: ChocoNoko Figure Set

A set of small figures to complete the Forger family in their movie outfits.

  • One kind (set of 4)
  • Size: About 4.5cm(approximately 1.77 inches)

C Prize: Rug Mat

Feel like you’re traveling with the Forger family with this fluffy rug mat!

  • Size: About 60cm(approximately 23.62 inches)

D Prize: Aurora Acrylic Stand

A sparkling acrylic stand with original illustrations exclusive to Ichiban Kuji.

  • Size: About 10cm(approximately 3.94 inches)

E Prize: Travel Flat Pouch Set of 2

A set of two flat pouches, large and small, featuring original illustrations exclusive to Ichiban Kuji.

  • Sizes:
    • Large: About 22cm(approximately 8.66 inches)
    • Small: About 18cm(approximately 7.09 inches)

F Prize: Stationery Assortment

Perfect for jotting down travel memories! Choose either a “B6-sized Ring Notebook” or “Masking Tape” with exclusive Ichiban Kuji illustrations.

  • Sizes:
    • Ring Notebook: B6
    • Masking Tape: About 3m (Width 1.5cm, approximately 118.11 inches long and 0.59 inches wide)

G Prize: Rubber Collection

A collection of usable rubber items such as luggage tags and charms. Choose from all 8 kinds.

  • Size: About 9-10cm(approximately 3.54-3.94 inches)

H Prize: Clear File & Sticker Set

A set of clear files and stickers. Choose from all 10 kinds.

  • Sizes:
    • Clear File: A4
    • Sticker: About 8cm(approximately 3.15 inches)

I Prize: Acrylic Card Charm

Acrylic card charms that are fun for photos and more. Choose from all 11 kinds.

  • Size: About 9cm(approximately 3.54 inches)

Last One Prize: Anya & Bond Figure (Another Color ver.)

Anya’s outfit changes to pearl color in the “Anya & Bond Figure” another color version.

  • Size: About 15cm(approximately 5.9 inches)

Get the last one to win!

  • Please check the remaining number of tickets at the store.

What is Ichiban Kuji’s Last One Prize?

A prize that comes with drawing the last ticket. Since many people aim for the top prizes in Ichiban Kuji, the remaining tickets decrease. To ensure a sell-out, the last exciting prize is offered as the Last One.

Double Chance Campaign

Anya & Bond Figure (Another Color ver.)

  • Size: About 15cm

What is Ichiban Kuji’s Double Chance Campaign?

When purchasing a ticket and receiving the prize, the stub is also returned. Enter the campaign number on the stub on the official website or LINE official account to participate in the “Double Chance Campaign.” The prizes are the same as or exclusive originals of top prizes like the Last One, A Prize, or B Prize.

Pricing and Store Information for “Ichiban Kuji SPY×FAMILY CODE: White”

  • Release Date: Scheduled to start selling sequentially from January 06, 2024
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 700 yen (including 10% tax) per draw
  • Stores: Lawson, HMV, United Cinema, Ichiban Kuji ONLINE, etc.
  • Double Chance Campaign Period: From the release date until the end of April 2024

Upcoming Release Information for Ichiban Kuji SPY×FAMILY

Ichiban Kuji SPY×FAMILY -Take me with you!-

  • Release Date: Scheduled to start selling sequentially from April 02, 2024
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 700 yen (including 10% tax) per draw
  • Stores: Seven-Eleven stores, Ito-Yokado stores, etc

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「一番くじ 劇場版 SPY×FAMILY CODE: White」の全ラインナップ公開!フィギュアやラグマット、アクリルスタンドなどが当たる!
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