Peach John x SPY×FAMILY Collab! Limited Edition Loungewear & Items Now Available


Peach John’s “SPY×FAMILY” Collaboration: Eden Academy Uniform-Inspired Loungewear, Bond-Motif Parka, and More Released

Peach John has launched a limited collection in collaboration with the popular anime “SPY×FAMILY,” which was released on October 6th. The collection is available on Peach John’s official online store and at various locations in Japan, including Shinjuku Sanchome, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Yurakucho, and others.

Eden Academy Uniform-Inspired Loungewear ※Release date pending (estimated at around 0)

Inspired by the uniform of Eden Academy, attended by the character Anya, this loungewear set captures the uniform’s detailing in the cuffs and hem knitting patterns. The left chest features a stellar emblem, symbolizing elite student status in the series. Shorts are included for comfort and warmth.

Slip Dress ※Release date pending (estimated at around 5)

Inspired by the dress worn by the character Yor in the series, this slip dress is designed in black and red, utilizing shiny stretch satin material. It features a comfortable neckline and decorative tapes, with a lace-up ribbon at the back for adjustable fit. A satin corsage clip is included.

Bond-Motif Parka ※Release date pending (estimated at around )

Inspired by the Forger family’s dog Bond, this parka is made of voluminous double-sided brushed boa fleece. The oversized hood replicates Bond’s face, with a ribbon decoration on the zipper pull mimicking his collar bowtie. The left sleeve is embroidered with Bond’s bark “BOF!”.

Pouch ※Release date pending (estimated at around )

A pouch replicating the face of Anya’s cherished stuffed toy, “Chimera-san,” in three dimensions. Made from smooth, soft material with padding in the face, it features a zipper on the back for practicality.

Introducing the Characters of “SPY×FAMILY”:

  • Anya: A young girl with pink hair and green eyes, always wearing horn-like hair ornaments. Originally from an orphanage, she was adopted by Loid and became a member of the Forger family. She possesses the ability to read minds, a secret she keeps hidden.
  • Yor: A serious and pure-hearted woman working at the city hall, Yor secretly leads a double life as the assassin “Thorn Princess.” She is notoriously bad at cooking but excels in cleaning.
  • Bond: A large, fluffy white dog and member of the Forger family, Bond has a calm demeanor typical of large breeds. He possesses the ability to foresee the future, a talent perceptible only to Anya.

These products are attractive to “SPY×FAMILY” fans, featuring designs that cleverly incorporate each character’s traits.

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