“Spy Family Man Choco,” a Collaboration Between SPY×FAMILY and Bikkuriman Wafers, to Be Released on January 23!


A Collaboration Between SPY×FAMILY and Bikkuriman Wafers: Overview

Lotte is set to release the first collaboration product between the chocolate snack “Bikkuriman” and the anime “SPY×FAMILY,” named “Spy Family Man Choco,” in Eastern Japan (including Shizuoka) on January 23, 2024. The expected retail price for this product is around 140 yen (tax included).

The packaging design features characters from “SPY×FAMILY,” including the Forger family, and comes with 24 types of special stickers. These stickers are a combination of characters from both “Bikkuriman” and “SPY×FAMILY.” Developed over approximately 10 months, this new product is sure to attract anime fans’ attention.

Furthermore, the release of “Spy Family Man Choco” coincides with the premiere of the movie version of “SPY×FAMILY,” titled “SPY×FAMILY CODE: White,” scheduled for December 22, amplifying the excitement. More details about the release area and product information will be announced later.

Introducing the SPY×FAMILY and Bikkuriman Wafers Collaboration!

In the “Spy Family Man Choco” collaboration between “SPY×FAMILY” and “Bikkuriman,” characters like Anya and Loid from “SPY×FAMILY” are newly drawn by Bikkuriman illustrators. Among them, stickers like “Anya Zeus” are part of the 24 unique and attractive collection stickers included, making it a highly collectible item for fans. Additionally, the crunchy wafer chocolate adds to the enjoyment of this entertaining snack. It’s an appealing product for both “SPY×FAMILY” and Bikkuriman fans.

Sales Details of the SPY×FAMILY and Bikkuriman Wafers Collaboration

  • Total of 24 types
  • Contents: 1 piece per pack
  • Distributor: Lotte
  • Price: Open price (expected retail price around 140 yen, tax included)
  • Scheduled Release Date: January 23, 2024 (Tuesday)
  • Release Area: Eastern Japan (including Shizuoka), in advance

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