Fendi x Fragment x Pokemon: Special Collection Celebrating the Year of the Dragon Available from January 4th!


Fendi x Fragment x Pokemon: Featuring Dragon-Type Pokemon Like Dragonite, Dragonair, and Dratini!

Fendi (FENDI), in collaboration with Fragment (FRGMT) and Pokemon, has announced the “Fendi x Fragment x Pokemon (FENDI × FRGMT × POKEMON)” collection. This collection has been available in Japan from January 4, 2024, at select Fendi stores such as Ginza and Osaka.

In this collaboration, dragon-type Pokemon like Dragonite, Dragonair, and Dratini, chosen to honor the Year of the Dragon, are featured. These Pokemon have been integrated into Fendi’s classic bags, such as the “Peekaboo” and “Baguette,” adding a playful twist to the designs. The Baguette bag, in particular, is exquisitely crafted with microbeads, featuring the ‘FF’ logo embroidery and fringes along with the three Pokemon.

The collection includes small leather goods, bracelets and necklaces inspired by Pokeballs, T-shirts, hoodies, pajamas, and more. These items reflect Fendi’s high quality, combining playfulness with an adult sophistication. This collaboration, released in Japan, is extremely appealing to both fashion and anime fans, and is sure to attract international attention.



Caps and keychains


This launch kicked off with a pop-up event at the Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Hall 1F The Stage, and is also available at Palazzo Fendi Omotesando, Fendi Ginza Store, Fendi Osaka Store, and the Fendi official online store. The release is garnering attention among anime and fashion fans, and is expected to be popular in Japan.

Fendi x Fragment x Pokemon: Collaboration with Pokemon GO!

In line with the release, Fendi has also planned a collaboration with “Pokemon GO.” In this collaboration, trainers in regions where “Pokemon GO” is available can acquire dress-up items featuring the “FENDI x FRGMT x POKEMON” collection designs. Pokemon fans should definitely keep an eye on these unique collaboration items. This initiative is intriguing for both fashion and Pokemon fans and has the potential to attract new fanbases.

About Fendi

Fendi (FENDI), a luxury fashion brand, was founded in 1925 by Adele Fendi and Edoardo Fendi. The following year, they opened the first Fendi Boutique, featuring a fur workshop and leather goods. Fendi quickly gained worldwide recognition for its elegance, craftsmanship, innovation, and style. Since its inception, Fendi has been synonymous with quality, tradition, innovation, and creativity.

About Fragment

Fragment Design was established in 2003 by Hiroshi Fujiwara. Hiroshi has collaborated with numerous world-renowned maisons, sharing his designs and vision. Fragment Design has been highly regarded both within and outside the fashion industry, thanks to Hiroshi’s creativity and innovative approach. His designs, characterized by unique style and refined aesthetics, have breathed new life into many brands and products. Thus, Fragment Design plays a significant role in the fashion industry, and its influence continues to expand.

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フェンディ(FENDI)から、藤原ヒロシ率いるフラグメント(FRGMT)、ポケモンとのトリプルコラボレーション「フェンディ × フラグメント ×ポケモン(FENDI × FRGMT × POKÉMON...
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