Gashapon Figures “Shining! Pokémon Collection” Third Edition to be Released in the Fifth Week of May!


Overview of the Third Edition of the “Shining! Pokémon Collection”

Bandai will release the third edition of the gashapon figures “Pokémon Shining! Collection 3” in Japan. This new series features three types: Palafin (Hero Form), Gardevoir, and Dragonite. These figures have a unique glowing feature, making them a must-have for collectors. The release is scheduled for the fifth week of May 2024. Pokémon fans, don’t miss out on this exciting gashapon series!

Contents of the Third Edition of the “Shining! Pokémon Collection”

Palafin (Hero Form)



Sales Information for the Third Edition of the “Shining! Pokémon Collection”

  • Capsule product
  • All 3 types
  • Manufacturer: Bandai Vending Division
  • Price: 500円 per try (tax included)
  • Scheduled release: Fifth week of May 2024

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