“NEW ERA x Pokemon” Collection Launching March 7th! Featuring caps, Apparel, and Golf Items!


Overview of the “NEW ERA x Pokémon” Collaboration Collection

New Era Japan is set to release a new collection featuring “Pokémon” on March 7th. This collection includes models featuring familiar Pokémon such as “Pikachu,” “Eevee” and its evolutions, and for New Era Golf, “Snorlax” and “Gengar.” The lineup offers a variety of items including hats, short-sleeve apparel, golf visors, club head covers, range cases, light packs, and tote bags. It is scheduled to be the largest collection ever offered for sale in Japan, presenting an unprecedented range of items.

Contents of the “New Era x Pokémon” Collaboration Collection


Short Sleeve Cotton T-Shirts

Light Pack


Sales of the “New Era x Pokémon” Collaboration Collection

Starting March 7th (Thursday), available at NEW ERA STORE and the official website

NEW ERA STORE https://www.neweracap.jp/

Check out the “Pokemon” collection at the eBay store: Anime Treasures jp →

Are you looking for Pokémon goods?

We will search all over Japan! Please feel free to contact Anime Treasures jp! → Click here to contact us!

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2024年3月7日からNEW ERA STOREとニューエラ公式ウェブサイトにてポケットモンスターをフィーチャーしたコレクションが発売される。
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