New ‘Pokemon Rubik’s Cube ver.BLUE’ with 52 Pokemon Designs!


‘Pokemon Rubik’s Cube ver.BLUE’ Released in December!

Good news for anime fans in Japan. In December 2023, MegaHouse released the ‘Pokemon Rubik’s Cube ver.BLUE’. This special Rubik’s Cube features designs of the popular Pokemon from the TV anime “Pokemon”. MegaHouse, a member of the Bandai Namco Group, is based in Taito City, Tokyo. For anime fans in the English-speaking world, this anime merchandise released in Japan is an incredibly attractive collectible item.

What is ‘Pokemon Rubik’s Cube ver.BLUE’?

As the latest anime-related merchandise from Japan, the ‘Pokemon Rubik’s Cube ver.BLUE’ was released in 2023. This unique Rubik’s Cube, designed with 52 different Pokemon, is an enticing item for anime enthusiasts. Each side is color-coded according to the Pokemon type, comprising ‘Normal Type (White)’, ‘Electric Type (Yellow)’, ‘Fighting Type (Orange)’, ‘Grass Type (Green)’, ‘Fire Type (Red)’, and ‘Water Type (Blue)’. The basic rule is to align each type on its side, but various playing methods, like aligning only the Pokemon from the Paldea region on one side, are also possible.

This Rubik’s Cube is made of blue clear material, a special design exclusive to the ‘Pokemon Rubik’s Cube ver.BLUE’. Additionally, it comes with a ‘6-Side Completion Guide’, making it enjoyable even for beginners. This product, released in Japan, is sure to attract the attention of both Pokemon fans and puzzle enthusiasts. For anime fans in the English-speaking regions, this Rubik’s Cube will be a unique addition to their collection.

Product Details of ‘Pokemon Rubik’s Cube ver.BLUE’

Pokemon Rubik’s Cube ver.BLUE

Size (approx.): W57×D57×H57 mm Contents: Main body…1, Base…1, 6-Side Completion Guide…1 Manufacturer: MegaHouse Price: 3,080 yen (tax included) Released in December 2023

What is a Rubik’s Cube?

The Rubik’s Cube is a 3D puzzle developed by Ernő Rubik. It began in 1974 as a wooden model to explain three-dimensional geometry to students and was commercialized in Hungary in 1977 under the name ‘Magic Cube’, becoming an unprecedented hit. In 1980, it was renamed ‘Rubik’s Cube’ and expanded worldwide.

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