Don Quijote Exclusive: Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Tracksuit Set Released!


Don Quijote Debuts Original Hanger-Included Hello Kitty Tracksuit Set!

The Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Tracksuit Set, released exclusively in Japan, is now available at Don Quijote stores. This item is produced by the apparel manufacturer “Branch Out Co., Ltd.” and features the popular designs of Sanrio characters. The tracksuit comes in two styles: stand collar and hooded, and is available in three colors: white, black, and red.

The design, inspired by the Y2K style, includes nostalgic rhinestone decorations and subtly placed leopard prints. These details, reminiscent of the Heisei era “gal” fashion, add a unique accent to the outfit. Additionally, purchasing the set includes an original hanger, offering great value.

This tracksuit series, influenced by Japanese fashion trends and featuring Sanrio characters, is an attractive item for anime fans both in Japan and abroad. Under the leadership of President Shinichi Otani, Branch Out, headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, will continue to produce Sanrio character items that capture the hearts of anime fans.

Leopard Print Tracksuit Set (Stand Collar Type)

  • Price: ¥4,990 (excluding tax) / ¥5,489 (including tax)
  • Colors: White, Black, Red
  • Sizes: M, L
  • Includes original hanger

Leopard Print Tracksuit Set (Hooded Type)

  • Price: ¥4,990 (excluding tax) / ¥5,489 (including tax)
  • Colors: White, Black, Red
  • Sizes: M, L
  • Includes original hanger

Pricing and Availability of Don Quijote Exclusive Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Tracksuit Set

Available at: Don Quijote stores (stock may vary by location, please inquire at the store) HELLO KITTY Leopard Print Tracksuit Set Variants: Stand Collar Type, Hooded Type Colors: White, Black, Red Price: ¥5,489 each (tax included) Sizes: M / L

About Branch Out:

Branch Out specializes in apparel OEM, ODM, and licensing. With over 20 years of experience in the licensing business, they have a track record of over 300 license agreements, ranging from characters to anime, manga, games, and musicians. They also started an online retail business in 2020.

Branch Out Official Website:

Past Collaborations between Don Quijote and Hello Kitty

Don Quijote and Hello Kitty have collaborated in the past on cute items like pajamas and uniforms.

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So, not only this tracksuit but there might be more releases in the future! If announced, we will promptly introduce them on this blog!

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