50th Anniversary Special! “Hello Kitty Dress Tartan” Released in Sanrio Shops!


Original “Hello Kitty Dress Tartan” – A Special Collection Certified by Scotland!

Sanrio celebrated Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary in 2024 by registering a new tartan, “Hello Kitty Dress Tartan,” with the Scottish Register of Tartans in the UK. Woven by Lochcarron of Scotland, a traditional tartan manufacturer, this commemorative tartan has been used in the “Hello Kitty Dress Tartan Design” special goods series, released in Japan on January 1st. These products are available at Sanrio shops nationwide, Sanrio corners in department stores, and the Sanrio online shop. This special collection is a must-see for Hello Kitty fans.

About Lochcarron of Scotland

Lochcarron of Scotland, established in 1947, is one of the world’s largest tartan manufacturers. Specializing in tartan production, they handle everything from design to manufacturing. Known for supplying materials to famous brands and renowned designers, they own hundreds of tartan designs. Utilizing beautiful nature and high-quality water in their manufacturing process, Lochcarron produces soft, luxurious fabrics, scarves, and knitwear. Their products, loved by the British Royal Family, Vivienne Westwood, Sean Connery of 007, and Ewan McGregor of Star Wars, are renowned globally for their quality.

“Hello Kitty Dress Tartan” – Plushies and Luxurious Stoles Among Four Items Using Lochcarron Tartan

In commemoration of Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary, Sanrio has created the new “Hello Kitty Dress Tartan.” Inspired by Hello Kitty’s family name “White,” this design incorporates the popular “dress tartan” style from the social circles. Woven by Scotland’s traditional tartan manufacturer, Lochcarron, and officially registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans, Sanrio continues its tradition of registering tartans for Hello Kitty’s anniversaries.

The “Hello Kitty Dress Tartan Design First Sale Special,” released in Japan on January 1st, includes a variety of premium items. Noteworthy products include a plushie in a box with a serial number embroidery (9,900 yen), a mini shoulder bag with Lochcarron’s woven name (6,930 yen), a 100% lambswool stole (19,800 yen), and a mascot holder in a box (4,400 yen). Each item in this special collection celebrating Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary comes with a “Hello Kitty Dress Tartan” registration tag.

This collection, reflecting the long history and glamour of Hello Kitty, holds special significance for fans. As these are limited-edition items, fans are encouraged to acquire them quickly. This collection adds a new page to Hello Kitty’s history and is set to further enhance her global popularity.

Hello Kitty Boxed Plushie

9,900 yen

A premium plushie using “Hello Kitty Dress Tartan” fabric woven by Lochcarron. The plushie’s foot has a serial number, a Hello Kitty 50th-anniversary logo name, and Lochcarron’s brand name on the side. Plushie Size: Width 15cm x Depth 11cm x Height 20cm

Hello Kitty Boxed Mascot Holder

4,400 yen

The mascot holder’s foot bears the 50th mark name, and Lochcarron’s brand name on the back of the head. Size: Width 10cm x Depth 6.5cm x Height 18cm

Hello Kitty Mini Shoulder Bag

6,930 yen

A mini shoulder bag made with “Hello Kitty Dress Tartan” fabric, featuring Lochcarron’s brand name on the inside. The shoulder strap is detachable. Bag Size: Width 16cm x Depth 8cm x Height 12.5cm

Hello Kitty Stole

19,800 yen

A high-quality stole made of 100% lambswool, which becomes softer with use and feels great against the skin. The stole also features Lochcarron’s brand name and comes boxed. Stole Size: 70cm x 180cm

“Hello Kitty Dress Tartan” Sales Information

Release Date: Sanrio Online Shop: January 1, 2024 (Mon & Holiday) from 10:00 Available at Sanrio directly-managed stores, department store Sanrio corners, and other places from their first sale of the year. Check here for information on each store’s first sale! Stores: Sanrio directly-managed stores, department store Sanrio corners, Sanrio online shop, etc.

Sales Limit: From the release (first sale) until January 5th (Fri), only one item per person.

Sanrio Official Website Goods Page: https://www.sanrio.co.jp/news/goods/kt-tartan-special-202312/

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