[GESKE] Launches Hello Kitty Series of Beauty Devices in Japan from February 20th!


Overview of [GESKE] Hello Kitty Series Launch

Germany’s renowned beauty tool brand, GESKE, has started selling its collaboration series with the popular character ‘Hello Kitty’ in Japan from 2024. This series includes new items such as body brushes and has been garnering significant attention.

GESKE, known for winning numerous awards worldwide, combines both popularity and quality. This Hello Kitty collaboration is especially exciting news for fans in Japan. The adorable design of Hello Kitty combined with the high-quality beauty tools of GESKE makes this series a must-have for beauty enthusiasts. The series was released on February 20th and includes both facial and body care items.

Contents of [GESKE] Hello Kitty Series Launch

This series offers six items that blend Hello Kitty’s charming design with GESKE’s functionality, sure to make daily beauty routines more enjoyable. Notable additions include body brushes and portable facial misters, expanding the main series to a total of 11 items. These enhancements allow users to deeply enjoy GESKE’s beauty tools.

Hello Kitty Sonic Facial Brush

The ‘Hello Kitty Sonic Facial Brush,’ now available in Japan, is an innovative beauty item. It produces up to 7,500 micro-vibrations per minute and uses soft silicone bristles to gently and effectively remove makeup, sebum, and pore impurities. Its slim design allows for thorough cleaning around areas like the nose. The facial brush is adjustable to 14 vibration settings, priced at 6,600 yen, and measures 93×79×125mm (approx. 3.66×3.11×4.92 inches) in size, weighing about 280g. It is rechargeable, with a charging time of about 2.5 hours, and comes with a magnetic USB cable.

Sonic Warm & Cool Mask

The ‘Hello Kitty Sonic Warm & Cool Mask,’ an advanced beauty device in Japan, offers both warm and cool skincare treatments. It aids in enhancing the absorption of beauty products and provides cooling pore care. The device is equipped with 8-color LED lights and 12 adjustable vibration levels, priced at 13,750 yen. The device’s size is 80×65×65mm (approx. 3.15×2.56×2.56 inches), and it weighs about 191g. It is rechargeable with a charging time of about 4 hours and includes a magnetic USB cable.

Facial Hydration Refresher

The ‘Hello Kitty Facial Hydration Refresher,’ a handy mist available in Japan, sprays a fine mist to moisturize the skin. Priced at 7,480 yen, it is compact with a size of 75×28×79mm (approx. 2.95×1.10×3.11 inches) and weighs about 54g. It is rechargeable with a charging time of about 2 hours and comes with a magnetic USB cable.

Microcurrent Skin Scrubber & Blackhead Remover

The ‘Hello Kitty Microcurrent Skin Scrubber & Blackhead Remover,’ a state-of-the-art facial device available in Japan, effectively cleanses pores using micro-vibrations and positive ions while providing aging care through microcurrents. Priced at 9,900 yen, its size is 41×31×155mm (approx. 1.61×1.22×6.10 inches) and weighs about 111g. The device is rechargeable with a charging time of about 3.5 hours and includes a magnetic USB cable.

Microcurrent Face Lift Pen

The ‘Hello Kitty Microcurrent Face Lift Pen,’ a popular pen-type beauty device in Japan, offers aging care using micro-vibrations and microcurrents. It is perfect for targeting areas like crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, and forehead. Priced at 8,250 yen, its size is 34×21×104mm (approx. 1.34×0.83×4.09 inches), and it weighs about 38g. The device is rechargeable with a charging time of about 2.5 hours and includes a magnetic USB cable.

Facial Brush

The ‘Hello Kitty Facial Brush,’ available in Japan, is a recommended item for beauty enthusiasts. Made with soft silicone bristles, it gently cleanses the skin without harsh scrubbing. Its slim design allows effective cleaning, even around the nose. Priced at 2,200 yen, its size is 73×22×63mm (approx. 2.87×0.87×2.48 inches), and it weighs about 50g.

Sales of [GESKE] Hello Kitty Series

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