‘Hello Kitty’ x ‘GU’ Collaboration Merchandise Released! Loungewear Expressing “Kitty’s Eyes Gazing into the Future” Available from January 1st!


‘Hello Kitty’ x ‘GU’ – 3 Color ‘Marshmallow Feel Lounge Set’!

On January 1, 2024, Japanese fashion brand ‘GU’ will release a collaboration item with ‘Hello Kitty’, celebrating its 50th anniversary. Under the theme of “Becoming Friends with the Future”, GU introduces a special ‘Marshmallow Feel Lounge Set’ available in three colors. This item, set to be released in Japan, is expected to be particularly appealing to anime fans in the English-speaking world. This unique collaboration, commemorating Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary, is sure to attract fans worldwide.

“Hello Kitty” x “GU” Collaboration Details

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic character ‘Hello Kitty’, a special collaboration item, ‘Women’s Marshmallow Feel Lounge Set’, will be released in Japan on January 1, 2024. This collaboration features roomwear that expresses ‘Hello Kitty’s Eyes Gazing into the Future’ in three different expressions. The roomwear, known for its fluffy and comfortable feel, comes in three designs: Kitty with sparkling eyes, Kitty winking, and Kitty with a sleepy face, each available in three colors. Priced at 3,490 yen (tax included), these items can be purchased at GU stores nationwide.

Notably, these items are made with environmentally friendly materials, using recycled materials such as plastic bottles, contributing to the reduction of oil resource usage and waste. The appliqué embroidery showcasing Hello Kitty’s expressions varies in each color, adding to the item’s charming design.

For anime fans in the English-speaking regions, this upcoming release of Hello Kitty x GU collaboration items in Japan, celebrating Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary, will be a highly attractive addition to their collection.

‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘GU’ Collaboration, Pink Version of the Marshmallow Feel Lounge Set

The pink version features Kitty with both eyes open, gazing into the future. The soft pink hue enhances Kitty’s cuteness, drawing you into her bright expression and the future she gazes upon.

‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘GU’ Collaboration, Purple Edition of the Marshmallow Feel Lounge Set

The purple edition showcases Kitty with her eyes closed. This mature, dreamlike purple color creates a beautifully serene design.

‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘GU’ Special Collaboration, Green Version of the Marshmallow Feel Lounge Set

In the green version, Kitty is winking. The soothing green color highlights Kitty’s cute expression, captivating those who see it.

‘Hello Kitty’ x ‘GU’ Product Information

Marshmallow Feel Lounge Set (Long Sleeve) HELLO KITTY Product Information

  • Product Name: Marshmallow Feel Lounge Set (Long Sleeve) HELLO KITTY
  • Price (tax included): 3,490 yen
  • Colors: Pink, Purple, Green
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3L

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【GU】ハローキティ50周年コラボ まるでマシュマロ!ふわふわ癒やされるアイテムです(LIMO) - Yahoo!ニュース
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