“HELLO KITTY SMILE’s New Year Special Event” Begins January 1st! Win New Year Design Hand Towels in a Lucky Draw!


HELLO KITTY SMILE’s “New Year Special Event” Held from January 1st to 22nd, 2024!

From January 1st to 22nd, 2024, a “New Year Special Event” will be held at the “Event Area” within HELLO KITTY SMILE, located on Awaji Island, Japan. This limited-time event, celebrating the new year’s start, will be an exclusive experience only available in Japan. It promises to be particularly intriguing for Hello Kitty fans and anime enthusiasts, especially those in the English-speaking regions.


HELLO KITTY SMILE is a facility featuring a fantastical media art area inspired by Dragon Palace City, inhabited by Hello Kitty dressed as Princess Otohime and sea creatures, along with two restaurants. The restaurants offer healthy, single-serving hot pots with ingredients from Awaji Island, fresh seafood grills from the Seto Inland Sea, and dim sum, all enjoyed with a view of the scenic Harima-Nada.

Detailed Events at HELLO KITTY SMILE

At HELLO KITTY SMILE on Awaji Island, a “New Year Special Event” will be held to celebrate the new year. Visitors can participate in “Kakizome”, writing their favorite words on Japanese paper and stamping it with Hello Kitty’s original seal. Additionally, a “New Year Lucky Draw” will be held, limited to 300 tickets, offering prizes such as Hello Kitty’s new year limited design hand towels, HELLO KITTY SMILE admission discount tickets, and 500-yen coupons.

Moreover, other New Year events, such as the “Smile Bingo Tournament” and the sale of “New Year Deco Mochi Set”, are also planned. These events are expected to provide a special new year celebration experience for Hello Kitty fans and anime lovers.


After choosing and writing your favorite words on Japanese paper, stamp it with Hello Kitty’s seal to create an original Kakizome. Price: 500 yen

What is Kakizome?

Kakizome is a traditional Japanese New Year event where people write with a brush for the first time in the year. Typically done on January 2nd, it involves writing new year’s resolutions or words wishing for luck. The tradition originated from the Heian period court event “Kissho no Sou” and spread to the common people during the Edo period through Terakoya (temple schools). This practice symbolizes achieving goals and celebrating the new year.

New Year Lucky Draw

Limited to 300 tickets, win prizes like HELLO KITTY SMILE admission discount tickets and Hello Kitty’s new year limited design hand towels. Price: 500 yen

Smile Bingo Tournament

At GADEN Terrace within HELLO KITTY SMILE, a limited-time “Smile Bingo Tournament” will start from January 1st, 2024, offering exclusive HELLO KITTY SMILE prizes like Hello Kitty cushions and mascots dressed as Princess Otohime. Prizes:

  1. Hello Kitty cushion dressed as Princess Otohime
  2. Hello Kitty mascot dressed as Princess Otohime + Onion Soup
  3. Hello Kitty Mermaid Mascot + Onion Soup Participation prize: A box of strawberry candy Price: 500 yen per bingo card (tax included)

Sale of “New Year Deco Mochi Set”

At the GARDEN Terrace inside the media art & restaurant “HELLO KITTY SMILE”, a “New Year Deco Mochi Set” featuring Hello Kitty dressed as Princess Otohime, a Hello Kitty ribbon-dressed Daruma, and more, will be available to the first 30 customers starting January 1st. Price: 500 yen (tax included)

HELLO KITTY SMILE Operating Hours & Access

HELLO KITTY SMILE https://awaji-resort.com/hellokittysmile/

Operating Hours:

  • Closed on Tuesdays
  • Weekdays: 11:00 – 19:00
  • Weekends and Holidays: 10:00 – 19:00
  • Restaurant hours vary by establishment.

Access: (1) By car: 10 minutes from Awaji I.C., 15 minutes from Kita Awaji I.C. on the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway (2) By express bus: From Shin-Kobe/Sannomiya/Gakuentoshi/Maiko Station to Awaji IC, then about 15 minutes by free shuttle bus (3) By boat: From Awaji Genova Line Akashi Port to Iwaya Port, then about 35 minutes by free shuttle bus

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新年最初の運試し!ハローキティの新年デザインハンドタオルなどが貰えるくじ引きが登場 HELLO KITTY SMILE 『新年特別イベント』 1月1日より開始!
HELLO KITTY SMILEで『新年特別イベント』を1月1日から開催  ハローキティの新年デザインタオルなどがもらえるくじが登場(オーヴォ) - Yahoo!ニュース
淡路島(兵庫県淡路市)にあるハローキティの施設「HELLO KITTY SMILE」(パソナグループ・東京)内の「イベントエリア」で、新年の幕開けに合わせた『新年特別イベント』を2024年1月1日
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