New Rilakkuma Theme “Let’s Eat Together” Items to Be Released in Early July!


Overview of “Let’s Eat Together”

San-X Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has announced a new theme, “Let’s Eat Together,” featuring the popular character Rilakkuma, who celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. New items based on this theme are scheduled to be released in early July 2024 at stores and online shops across Japan.

The theme of “Let’s Eat Together” revolves around the concept, “It’s delicious when we eat together! Enjoying food happily with everyone!” This time, the main theme is the classic food for sharing, ‘pizza’! The new items depict Rilakkuma and friends happily eating a large pizza, with their sparkling eyes and satisfied expressions being the highlights. Attention is also drawn to the newly introduced Sakura no Korisu siblings.

This series features a refreshing light blue and cream color scheme, designed to make you feel hungry just by looking at it, making it a fun theme.

Memo Pad (385円 each, tax included): 4 types of sheets

Stickers (220円 each, tax included)

Letter Set (495円 each, tax included): Includes 4 types of letter papers and envelopes

The round and cute Rilakkuma characters are adorable☆

Pen Pouch (1,650円, tax included): Made of synthetic leather with a metal charm

Let’s Eat Keychain (1,870円 each, tax included): Made of metal

Pouch (1,980円, tax included)

Sales Information for “Let’s Eat Together”

Release Date: Early July
Sales Locations: Stores and online shops across Japan

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