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The “SPY×FAMILY ANIMATION ART BOOK” was released in Japan on December 8, 2023. This 200-page full-color art book includes approximately 300 setting materials used in the anime. The size is B5 (6.93 inches x 9.84 inches), and the TSUTAYA version includes a special newly drawn visual glitter card suit as a bonus. It’s an unmissable book for fans.

Detailed Information About “SPY×FAMILY ANIMATION ART BOOK”!

The “SPY×FAMILY ANIMATION ART BOOK,” released in Japan on December 8, 2023, is a long-awaited art book containing about 300 setting materials used in the TV anime “SPY×FAMILY.” It includes a rich collection of expressions and costume settings of characters including Anya, prop settings, and art settings & art boards of the Forger family and Eden Academy. This large volume of 200 full-color pages is a must-see for anime fans.

The size of this art book is B5 (6.93 inches x 9.84 inches), and it is available in multiple versions with different bonuses. For example, the TSUTAYA version comes with a special newly drawn visual glitter card suit, and the WIT×CLW Anime SPY×FAMILY SHOP includes a newly drawn visual bromide frame set.

Moreover, it contains storyboards of the opening by Tetsuro Araki and the ending by Takayuki Hirao from the second cour, as well as a page “How the Anime is Made,” which introduces the backstage of animation production. It’s a content-rich book appealing to not only anime fans but also those interested in anime production.

Story and Broadcasting Information of “SPY×FAMILY” Anime

“SPY×FAMILY” is a home comedy manga serialized in “Shonen Jump+” by Tatsuya Endo. It depicts the life of a skilled spy ‘Twilight’ who, under the alias of a psychiatrist named Lloyd, lives with his telepathic daughter Anya and assassin wife Yor as a ‘pretend family’ to infiltrate a prestigious elementary school.

The anime series, produced by WIT Studio and CloverWorks, premiered on TV Tokyo in April 2022. The second cour of Season 1 aired from October to December 2022, and Season 2 started on October 7, 2023.

Furthermore, the anime movie “SPY×FAMILY CODE: White” is set to be released on December 22, 2023. The movie, supervised by Tatsuya Endo and featuring original character designs, will include new villains voiced by Tomoya Nakamura and Kento Kaku.

Accompanying the anime, several guidebooks have been released, containing anime character designs, storyboards, key animations, promotional images, interviews with staff and voice actors.

What’s Special About the “SPY×FAMILY ANIMATION ART BOOK”?

Common Purchase Bonus Across All Stores: “Original Postcard”

Store-specific Purchase Bonuses:

  • WIT×CLW Anime SPY×FAMILY SHOP: Paid bonus “Newly Drawn Visual Bromide Frame Set Drawing ver.” for ¥4,180 (tax included)
  • WIT STORE: Free bonus “Kyōji Asano Reproduction Signed Total Animation Supervisor Correction Mini-Shikishi”
  • TSUTAYA: Free bonus “Newly Drawn Visual Glitter Card Suit ver.”
  • Animate: Free bonus “Mini Sticker”


Product Information

Release Date: December 8, 2023 (Friday) Product Name: SPY×FAMILY ANIMATION ART BOOK Price: ¥3,080 (tax included) Size: B5 / 200 pages / Full-color Publisher: Wit Studio Available at: WIT×CLW Anime SPY×FAMILY SHOP / WIT STORE / Animate / TSUTAYA (excluding some stores) / General Bookstores / Many Others

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