“Chiikawa Chara Magnets 3” to be released at nationwide mass retailers’ confectionery sections from May 6, 2024!


Overview of “Chiikawa Chara Magnets 3”

Bandai Candy Business Division is scheduled to release “Chiikawa Chara Magnets 3” in Japan on May 6. This new product features the popular “Chiikawa” characters as acrylic magnets, sized approximately 40-50 mm (1.57-1.97 inches). The designs are pulled from the comics, featuring a variety of gentle pastel colors and a rich variety of designs.

The lineup includes characters like “Chiikawa,” “Hachiware,” “Usagi,” as well as “Momonga,” “Kurimanju,” “Rakko,” “Shisa,” totaling 21 different types. Additionally, there are two special rare designs that are either glitter-laminated or double-layered, making them particularly attractive collectible items for fans.

Contents of “Chiikawa Chara Magnets 3”

Sales of “Chiikawa Chara Magnets 3”

Release Date: Starting from May 6, 2024

Sale Locations: Available at confectionery sections of mass retailers nationwide

Price: ¥275 (tax included)

eBay Store: Check out Chiikawa at Anime Treasures jp →

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「ちいかわ」漫画のコマがそのままマグネットに!「キャラマグネッツ3」発売ー当たったらラッキーなレアマグネットも | アニメ!アニメ!
マグネットになってもかわいい!「ちいかわ キャラマグネッツ3」は5月6日(月)より発売予定。
「ちいかわ」漫画のコマがそのままマグネットに!「キャラマグネッツ3」発売ー当たったらラッキーなレアマグネットも(インサイド) - Yahoo!ニュース
バンダイ キャンディ事業部は、「ちいかわ キャラマグネッツ3」を5月6日(月)より発売します。 ◆「ちいかわ」漫画がそのままアクリルマグネットに!豪華なレアもラインナップ 大人気「ちいかわ」たちが
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